💪 2 “science-ey” reasons I’m not full of BS

Good Wednesday morning, my fellow lean, mean, golf fitness machine. 

Yesterday, I wrote about how lifting weights won’t make you bulky…unless you really, really, really work at it. Instead, the result is that you’ll getting leaner. 

And apparently, some golfers just ain’t buying it. 

So today, let me put on my physical therapist hat and spread some science-ey knowledge… 

With more muscle, you will burn more calories. At its simplest, that happens in two ways: 

  1. Building muscle is a calorie-burning activity – We require calories (and protein) to create muscle.  ALSO, we need calories to maintain the muscles we just built. 
  1. More muscle gives us more energy – When we lift weights, we produce more mitochondria inside our cells. And if my 7th-grader’s biology test is correct, the mitochondria are the “powerhouse of the cell”. So just like the electric company, they produce more energy when they build additional power plants. 

BONUS: Another thing happens when you start to lift weights…there’s a domino effect. 

We see our Crew naturally want to get better, so they: 

  • Drink more water 
  • Get more sleep 
  • Eat more protein 

You kinda get addicted to it, so you keep asking yourself, “I’m putting in this work in the gym, so what else can I do to help?” 

At the end of the day, losing body fat and getting leaner is all about Calories In vs. Calories Out. 

If more calories are going out, you lose fat. If more calories are coming into your body, you gain fat. 

So yup, lifting weights (aka resistance training) is one of two habits you need in order to get lean. The other is your nutrition. Which is a conversation for another day. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

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You’ve got this.