💪 5 “wrong-est” things in the gym 

It’s Wednesday, and it’s another scorcher here in St. Louis. I told my wife this morning that it’s too hot to wear shoes – yes, those ridiculous words came out of my mouth. 

So, it’s a good day to be inside the nice cool gym. While I’ve been moseying around today, it never ceases to amaze me that the members who don’t have personal trainers do some crazy things. 

I think the craziest thing I see the most often are guys who have been doing the same workout routine for the last few years. Good lord, how boring is that? 

Doing the same thing over and over. And expecting a new result. That is the definition of insanity, correct?  

And I see golfers doing their workouts all wrong when they come to us.  Here are the five “wrong-est” things I see over and over: 

  1. Not lifting heavy enough – Golfers tend to do a lot of high rep lifting (10+ per set) because they’re afraid to get too bulky.  They’re missing out on faster strength and muscle gains.  I hate to break it to these guys, but you aren’t going to get bulky.     
  1. Too much cardio – Cardio has become THE popular fat loss tool.  Being in a caloric deficit is how you lose weight. Period.   
  1. Poor form – Usually a symptom of lifting too much weight. Nobody cares how much weight we’re lifting, so we need to check our egos at the door. 
  1. Skipping leg day – Our lower body has the biggest muscles in our bodies.  It’s our connection to the ground where our power and balance happen.  It may not be the sexiest group of muscles, but we can’t ignore them. 
  1. You hate the workout – If you aren’t enjoying it.  You’re simply just not going to stick with it. 

Unfortunately, most golfers don’t progress like they should because they’re making these very common mistakes. 

If you avoid the pitfalls above, you’ll be light years ahead of the other guys out there. 

Now, get in the climate-controlled gym. And get it done! 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

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