💪 6 simple stress-relievers 

Happy Day 2 of the BMW Championship where PGA Tour and LIV Tour players go to live in perfect harmony.  

But before we get back to that awkwardness, I’d like to share a few tricks I’ve learned along the way. 

Up until just a few years ago, whenever I got too stressed, I used to do this thing that blows my mind today.  

Like a stupid, ego-male, I used to be in the “ignore it and push through it” club. By that I mean, I’d take the stress/overwork, but just keep pretending that everything was great. 

I’d tell myself: “I’ll deal with this later.”  

And I was super proud of myself – because you know what? I could take it. And I felt like that’s what men are supposed to do.  

But even though I was able to handle the actual work…I didn’t always manage the stress. 

Well…guess what? 

Eventually, one way or another, you end up having to deal with it.  

You can end up getting sick, having headaches, getting injured, or feeling burned out. 

If you’re also in the “push through it” club…you may want to consider jumping over into the “self-care club” instead…because that’s where the real power is. 

Now, this doesn’t mean you have a pass on your responsibilities…it just means you’re listening to your body and managing your stress levels along the way.  

Here are 6 things you can do to help you not only stay on track…but do it in a more sustainable way: 

  1. Take two short breaths, followed by one long exhale  
    When you’re stressed/busy, taking just a few minutes for controlled, mindful breathing can help your body’s stress control system do its job. This also works fantastically well before shots (golf, not tequila).  
  1. Move  
    This is one of the best stress-relievers out there! Exercise works on a hormonal level to help you feel calmer, less stressed, and more relaxed. 
  1. Go outside 
    Studies show that spending time in nature (just a few minutes) can help cut stress. 
  1. Upgrade your nutrition & hydration. 
    Stress can make you crave high-calorie foods that contain a LOT of sugar and fat. This can make you feel tired, blah, and sluggish. Upgrade your choices to include nutrient-dense whole foods that help you feel better. 
  1. Sleep 
    When you sleep, your body is helping you recover from yesterday so you can be rejuvenated to tackle today. Make sure to go to bed early enough so you can get 7-8 hours of sleep every night. 
  1. Feed your mind. 
    Make sure you get a steady diet of positive input – whether it’s listening to inspiring podcasts and audiobooks, reading self-development books, or learning about fitness & wellness … it can keep you motivated and moving forward. 

It’s the little things you do every day that will have the biggest impact on your energy, resilience, fitness and health! 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – I will go to the grave believing knowing that exercising everyday is the greatest stress reliever on the planet. But, for the sake of the above list, I just wanted to share a few tips and tricks. 

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