💪 Acceptable discrimination 

Happy Saturday morning! Only one kids’ b-ball game at noon today. Then I’m firing up the chainsaw for some “active recovery”, bonfire action. And undoubtedly, a few cold suds.    

So, last week I outlined the only success formula you’ll ever need to get the results you’re after. But yesterday afternoon, I was sitting at my desk and realized I left something out. 

Here’s a refresher: 


There’s something you can do to make that winning formula a MAGIC formula.  

I don’t like using the words “hack” or “secret” because they sound so salesy. Just take my word that this really, really WORKS without the sensational language.  

Here goes: identify your top 2-3 specific actions that will get you there the fastest (safely) – discriminate against the things that aren’t going to drive you forward. 

And then just give THOSE your attention and focus. Don’t let yourself get bogged down with all the extra BS or get sidetracked with the next, new shiny object. 

It’s so tempting to want to do ALL the things. But trying to do too much, too soon, too often can lead to feeling burned out and overwhelmed. 

I bet I tried and failed 100 times because I tried to do too much, too fast. 

Instead, what if you just kept it SIMPLE?  

Want to get that toned, athletic look? 

Then focus on your workouts, nutrition, and rest. 

Want to swing faster? 

Then build a base of strength, power, and speed – then take that to the range/course. 

Want to lose fat? 

Then focus on your workouts, nutrition, and rest (you see what I did there?). 

It’s not fancy or complicated, but it works. 

What are 2 to 3 actions that you know will move you closer to your goal? Start doing them TODAY – and let the results take care of themselves! 

The 18STRONG App cuts the guesswork so you know exactly which actions to take (and when to take them) to help you get stronger, play better, feel better. And live a much more fulfilled life. 

You’ve got this, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – Want to know more? Then just start your 7-day trial today.  

You’ve got thing to lose.