💪 Are you exercising or training? 

Today is Thursday, so that means it’s Live Crew & A Day! I’ve said it before, but doing the Live coaching calls is one of the favorite things I get to do with 18STRONG. 

My least favorite? Anything to do with administration or admin-adjacent.  

So today, let’s get into two concepts that have been combined into one… 

Training and Exercise. 

They’re used interchangeably kinda like mobility and flexibility. BUT, just like those two, there are crucial differences between the two. 

The difference is all in the intention behind the activity. If you have a specific goal (like playing your best golf), it’s important to know the difference and apply each of them where it makes sense. 

Let’s keep things simple.  

Exercise – Any activity that requires physical effort where the goal is to keep you generally healthy and well. 

Training – An activity that requires physical effort where the clear end goal requires a systematic plan to force your body to adapt, recover. And increase your capacity or skill over time. 

And one is not better than the other. It all depends on your goals. 

In the morning, I walk the dog for exercise (and mental health). 

When I get to the gym, I train. I train to play my best golf (strength, balance, posture, etc.). I train to build muscle. I train to stay within my body fat % range. 

Since we’re almost upon the NFL season, think about a football team… 

Tom Brady has a specific training protocol for throwing accurate passes. Ryan Jensen, the center hiking him the ball, has a specific training protocol to keep the 350lb guy across from him away from his QB. Mike Evans, their stud WR, has a specific training protocol to shake & bake to an open spot so his QB has a target. 

Put another way…a hard workout without a specific intention is just an intense form of exercise – not training. 

So, your job is to evaluate your goals.   

Do you need to exercise, or do you need to train? 

Think about it. And hopefully we’ll see you on the Live Crew & A call this afternoon. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – If you’re like our Crew, and probably a big reason you’re here, then you want to train to play your best golf. 

And if that is you, then I highly encourage you to join the 18STRONG Membership. It’s free for a week, so you can check it out to see if it’s a fit.