💪 Best Diets For 2022

Howdy, partner. Yeah, I watched Sunday’s episode of Yellowstone last night, so I’m in cowboy mode. 

For the past couple days, we’ve been talking about fat loss. Specifically, why diets suck.  

And as a fair healthcare professional, I wanted to give the other side of the story. 

So, what are the best diets for the upcoming year? 


There are no best diets ever. You should run away from anyone gung-ho on the new diet they’re going to be trying this year. Immediately change the channel on informercials. And stop clicking on ads. 

A diet, how we currently characterize it is a restrictive way to eat, is impossible to maintain, and relies almost solely on willpower.   

I can prove diets don’t work with all the stats in the world, but just look at yourself. 

How many times have you tried and failed dieting? And tens of millions of people have hauntingly similar stories. 

I’m one of them. I know exactly what it feels like to start a diet, have some quick success, feel like a piece of garbage because I don’t have the discipline to stick to it, then completely quit. 

And that’s not fair. Fake food rules ruin our relationship with the very thing we need to survive. 

In 2022, do anything but go on a diet. Do anything but get down on yourself when it ultimately fails (and it will). Do anything but punish yourself for craving food – a basic human survival need. 

There’s nothing wrong with you. They just keep selling us a new bill of goods. 

And we’re on to them. 

Instead of thinking about a diet as a restrictive plan for weight loss, flip the script and see your diet as simply the kinds of food and drink you habitually consume. 

Ease into healthy, lasting changes that transform into unconscious habits, rather than making one or two big, drastic changes that aren’t sustainable. 

For example, start by drinking at least a half-ounce of water per pound you weigh every day. 

Once that becomes a habit, then on to the next one. Cutting out sugary drinks is a great way to minimize your calories. 

My buddy Bill lost 11 lbs the first month he stopped going to Quick Trip in the morning to fill up a small trash can with Mountain Dew. 

If you need a plan, we’re going to release the roadmap that works for us in the next day or two…for free. Building healthy, long-lasting habits doesn’t require a NY Times Best-Seller. It requires a simple, easy-to-follow plan.   

2022 is going to be your best year ever! New Year. New You! 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

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