💪 Classic beginner mistake

Good morning, golf fitness Jedi. 

Last night, I had an awesome conversation with my son on the way home from soccer training that got me thinking about you and the rest of the Crew. 

On Tuesdays, before they hit the pitch, the boys (14 yrs old) do 45 mins of physical training without the ball at a facility on our club’s campus. They’ll push the sled. Do some speed work. Lots of squats. Etc. 

They’re teaching some awesome life skills. And I love that they do it.  

Of course, my son would never listen to me b/c I’m a stupid dad. So, it’s great coming from somebody else. 

So last night, at the end of PTC, the trainer who runs the session told the boys that, if they really are serious about getting better, once a week isn’t enough. They need to be doing work on their own. 

And that’s when my son did what we all do. “Yeah, I want to work out every day, Dad.” 

Classic beginner mistake. 

Too much. Too fast.  

I love his passion to get better, but jumping from one day to five, six, seven days per week is a perfect recipe for burnout. And injury. 

And I see it all the time. Golfers decide they want to get into shape, then they go from zero to 100 mph.  

After a few weeks, the dramatic lifestyle change is no longer sustainable. 

You have to do what works for you. And gradually build. 

If you’re in good enough shape already to go 3 days per week, then do that. 

If you’ve got a lot of work to do, then start with a walk every day. 

Everyone is different. 

But, please do not try to get on the cover of Men’s Health next month by overdoing it the next 30 days.  

Now, assuming it’s been a minute since you’ve worked out, but you’re healthy and relatively strong, I would highly recommend you start with Golf Body Blueprint – Activate. Here is the “official” description: 

Designed for the golfer who hasn’t been in the gym for a few years, or has little to no experience with weight training.  The main goal is to build a strong foundation that helps you unlock your distance, power, mobility, and injury-prevention.    

We designed Activate to be simple enough to adapt each exercise for everyone, no matter their level of expertise in the gym. 

So, that’s my two cents. 

You’ve got this, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – Golf Body Blueprint – Activate is available as a stand-alone training.  

Or, if you prefer, it’s also included in the 18STRONG App