💪 Delicious Fun-Sized Goals

On this wintery Wednesday morning, I finally met my match. It was 4 degrees, so I pushed my outside activity to lunch when it will be a balmy 18°. 

But, before I throw on my long-johnnies and parka, let’s piggy-back on yesterday. And talk some shop. 

Over the weekend, I broke my 20-day streak doing our 40-Day Forge. It’s the unofficial program with a small group of peeps that requires us to do the same seven tasks each day. 

I lost my focus. Forgot to do my Daily Motion EFD. And had to start from Day 1 on Sunday. 

Brutal, but I did the crime. So, I will do the time. 

Here’s the thing: long-term goals are especially difficult.  We have a lot going on in our lives, so it’s hard to stay focused on them because we don’t see quick or immediate results.  

In this 2022 world, we’re so used to having everything quickly – fast food, microwave meals, YouTube clips, speedy answers from the Google machine, Amazon 2-day shipping…good lord, when do we not have our smart telephones attached to our hips to get pretty much whatever we want at light-speed? 

So how do we keep our focus and stay consistent with our long-term goals? Here is what helps me: 

Breaking Your Long-Term Goal Into Bite-Sized Goals 

Think about running a marathon. You don’t run a marathon 26.2 miles at a time. You run it one mile at a time, otherwise your brain goes haywire. 

Ryan, our co-founder, and his brother Tim did a 340-mile canoe race on the Missouri River a few years ago. To finish in the allotted time, they had to paddle at night. Ryan said that was the most challenging. 

Not because it was difficult to see the river in front of them. The hardest part was they couldn’t see the mile markers on the river.  

“We had no idea how far we were going. I kid you not, it’s nearly impossible to just paddle and paddle aimlessly. My brain was constantly fighting my body to stop because it didn’t have an end.” 

Just like the old “joke”: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. 

Whatever your long-term fitness goal is, break that down into smaller goals. 

If your goal is to get into shape, first decide what kind of training you love to do (weight training, HIIT, jogging, paddling, etc.).  

Assuming weight training is your jam, next decide how many days per week you’re going to train. From there, you put them on your calendar like in the 18STRONG App. You get the idea. 

By breaking down your larger goal into bite-sized pieces, you give yourself little wins. And those little wins will continuously give you a jolt of focus. 

You’ve got this. 


Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – You may have never thought about it like this, but the sets in your workouts are natural bite-size pieces to the larger goal of your entire workout. 

Completing each set is a win. Then each workout is a win. Tiger always says winning breeds winning. 

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