💪 Diets Are For Suckers

It’s the Friday before Christmas which means you probably have already indulged in a few holiday parties, have a few on still on the calendar, and have two set in stone for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. 

Lots of opportunities to over-indulge in, well, everything. 

Ok, so lately, we’ve been talking a lot about fat loss. How the average person will try and fail at 126 fad diets over the course of their lifetime. 

And how people are feeling overwhelmed this time of the year trying to figure out what they’re going to do once January 3rd hits.  

Should you do Paleo, Keto, Dukan, GAPS, or whatever the latest fad is?  

The answer? 

They all work… 

But they all suck. 

Hear me out. You can go to Amazon right now, search for diets, and randomly choose one of the 70,000 books available on the subject and have success. 

I’ve tried more than I can count, and I’ve lost weight. Sometimes, a lot of weight in short period.  

You know how this story ends. You’ve been the main character too many times. We slowly, but surely gain the weight back. 

126 times that story is told. And it happens because we’re asking ourselves to do things that are totally unrealistic.  

How long can you cook and eat differently than your family? How long can go without eating carbs? How long can you last cutting out some of your favorite foods? Try to live a life knowing that you can never have a piece of cake, a cold IPA, or whatever your weakness is. 

The diet industry isn’t going to want to hear this, but they are built on a foundation of hype and quick, hollow wins. And they are damn good at it. 

In 1960, 11% of men in the U.S. were obese. Today? 40%! 

They are failing miserably to keep us fit, and we’re still buying from them. So, we’re the problem. 

We’re the ones buying the books, the subscriptions and their BS. 

The truth is there is no miracle diet. No silver bullet. No magic pills. 

Here’s when it changed for me… 

I finally realized that it’s up to us to slowly create the lifelong habits we need to change our relationship with food, and take control. 

These days, I’m on autopilot. I hardly think about what I’m eating. 

And we can help get you to that same place. We’ve been using the same formula with our golfers for years, and have finally put pen to paper. 

We’re putting the finishing touches on our nutrition blueprint that slowly introduces new habits so you’re not only able to lose fat now, but you’ll finally be able to keep it off. 

It’s not sexy. This is the long game. You’re not going to lose 10lbs in the first week. But, six months or a year from now, you will have a completely different body you’ll effortlessly maintain. 

Stay tuned.  

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pellizzaro 

PS – The nutrition blueprint will be available on Amazon, so there will be 70,001 options for you:)  

Yeah, right. The plan to build life-long habits doesn’t require a book. It’s a 1-page cheat sheet that we’re excited to give to you. 

Now, the second part of the fat loss equation is exercise. If you need a plan for that, then definitely check out the 18STRONG App.  

It’s free for the first 7 days, so you can take it for a test drive and let us know if you want to stick with it. 

Here’s the link: https://www.go18strong.com/app-test-drive