💪 DON’T do “professional” golf workouts

It’s another chilly morning here in the Lou (that’s what the cool kids call St. Louis), so let’s get fired up. 

Today’s topic? Excessive Enthusiasm

You know the deal, don’t you? 

We come across something we think is awesome, quickly check it out, then jump in with both feet.  

My cousin Charlie may be the worst offender. About three years ago, he decided he was going to take up biking, so he went out and bought a $10k Trek road bike. That lasted a few weeks, now the bike lives at my other cousin John’s house who actually uses it.   

Same with most of the sport-specific training programs we see on YouTube ads, Google ads, TV and hear about on the radio. 

It’s great that we get excited and are enthusiastic to exercise and workout, but we should not be training like Olympic lifters, professional golfers, or professional athletes in any sport.  

Those are elite athletes that have very specific needs. Oh yeah, that’s also their job. 

And hey, if it works for Dustin Johnson, why not you, right? Wrong. 

If you want short and long-term success – I do NOT recommend you start with an advanced program designed for a professional athlete in any sport. 

Why not? 

Because it adds in unnecessary layers of complexity and creates more obstacles for you to get started (and sustain). 

Those athletes are already dialed in. They’re working on fine-tuning their last 1-5%. That doesn’t apply to us. It would be like trying to put a roof on your new house before the walls are built. 

It’s a waste of time, energy, and you’ll kick yourself for buying into the hype…again. 

So, that’s one way. 


You can just do simple workouts that train the “other” 95%. Do what works. Do it consistently. 

Why spend weeks or months on a complex training program? You don’t even know what your body is capable of yet. Get the quick wins. 

You can always graduate to the more advanced workouts to get super dialed in AFTER you’ve done the bulk work (that’s how the pros did it too). 

Everyone has it backwards, and it drives me batty. 

We’re hypnotized by bright and shiny “cool” programs when all it does is lead to overwhelm. 

I use these workouts to keep it simple and strengthen the “golf areas” of my body… 

The areas that result in better mobility, rotation, speed, and all the other golf stuff we need. 

Stop making things harder on yourself. Stop adding unnecessary layers of complexity. Stop trying to act like a Tour player – and – instead – simply stick to the 95% that is going to get you fit and help you play your best golf. 

SIMPLE always wins. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

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