💪 Greed is Good 

It’s Saturday morning. The sun is shining. And I’m on my way to play another round here in Kansas City.  

I’ve only got a few minutes, but wanted to quickly share something with you I think you’ll find eye-opening. 

It’s this: Golf is making us greedy.  

But like Gordon Gekko says, “Greed is good.”  

Let me explain: 

When we grew up, we competed in all sports, not just golf.  But now that we’re getting older, golf is one of our last remaining competitive outlets. 

Competitors are wired differently.  We can’t turn it off. We can’t always control it. We sometimes look like a$$holes because of it. 

And that drive to be better than the guy next to us is both a blessing and a curse. 

And here’s the greedy part… 

1. Not only do we need our workouts to get us in shape…  

2. We also need those same workouts to help us play our best golf.  

Yeah, we’re either greedy, or just super-economical and always looking for a 2-for-1 deal:) 

And now that it’s 2022. And we know what we know about how golfers move. We can do exactly that.  

We just need the right tools so we can be confident that each workout is bringing us one step closer to both our fitness and golf potential. 

There are no such things as golf muscles. Muscles are muscles. 

But, the magic happens when you target your “golf areas” in your workouts – neck, shoulders, hips, trunk, ankles, and really most of your joints. 

When you get those joints oiled, then strengthen the muscles around them…Good God! You are cooking with gasoline. 

You’ve got this, 

Jeff Pelizzaro  

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