đź’Ş Happy Hour OR Workout?

It’s Day #3 of kids’ snow days here in St. Louis, but I made it safely to the gym this morning on some pretty icy roads. Oh, the things I do for our Crew:) 

Today, while sticking with our week-long topic of consistency, let’s dive into TIME

Finding time to work out is one of the biggest struggles I hear. 

And let’s get real: you ain’t that busy. None of us are. 

We’re all given the same 24 hours. 

You either need to change or eliminate another activity in your life. 

Maybe you only watch one hour-long episode of Yellowstone per night instead of two. 

Maybe you catch-up with your spouse over a workout or walk instead of a drink. 

Maybe when you drop off 30 minutes before your son or daughter’s soccer game, you go for a run or walk. 

This is why getting your workouts on your schedule is so damn important – it visualizes what you need to move around to get in your training. 

That’s why we built a calendar directly into the 18STRONG App

Here’s the thing: when you first put your training on your schedule, you’re going to get it wrong.  

That’s okay. 

You’re likely going to be a little too ambitious and create an unrealistic schedule. We do need our down time too, so don’t forget about that. 

If you’re struggling to get in your training, simply modify your workout. 

Instead of an hour, try 30 minutes. 

Instead of 5 workouts a week, try 2 or 3. 

Instead of 8 laps around the soccer field, try 4. 

Remember, this is not about putting your workouts on a stopwatch. And making sure you hit exactly the time you allotted. 

We’re more concerned about consistently doing your workout. And if you have to scale down to create the habit to me more consistent, then do it.  

My schedule at the gym is all over the place. A lot of times, I don’t have time to do my entire routine. I do what I can. Then I move on.  

Once you’re consistently doing the work, then you can ratchet up. 

I promise once you get consistent, you’re going to want more. And you’ll surprise yourself.  

Our co-founder Ryan has never met a cold brew he doesn’t like – to be fair, he only drinks on the weekends. That’s what works for him. 

You’ll appreciate this…a few years ago, he had an “incredible” breakthrough for him. 

Most Fridays (like today), he and his neighbor Scott will have a cold brew around 5p to kick off the weekend. Usually it’s just those two, but mystery guests will occasionally pop in.  

One of those Fridays, the weather was great, so a big group of dudes they both went to high school/college with, showed up on his driveway looking to hoot and holler a bit. 

A perfect recipe to skip a workout.  

He definitely wrestled with it. But, to my surprise, Ryan told them he’d be back in an hour because he had to get his workout in.  

Then he left. When he told me, I was amazed. 

Now, that may not seem like a big deal, but Ryan has a debilitating case of FOMO. But, through consistency, he had built that habit that the FOMO couldn’t break. 

As the story goes…he got in his workout, came back to the party. And they stayed up until 2am telling lies about the glory days:) 

That’s it! 

This stuff works. 

Now, the most important thing you can do right now…START! 

Stay Strong, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – If you’re not sure where to start, you’ve got a few options: 

If you’re starting from zero, then I would start with the Daily Motion EFD in the app. 

If you’re ready to pop 3-ish workouts on your calendar, then I would choose one of the goal-based programs also in the 18SRONG App

You can give it a test drive for the next 7 days for free here: