💪 How many meals should you eat? 

It’s Friday. It’s gonna be 85 here in St. Louis. And it’s gonna be a kids-sports-packed weekend…again:) 

Yesterday on the Live Coaching Call (the one you’re always invited to attend), we focused on smartly stacking nutrition habits on top of each other.  

In other words, not coming out of the gate so hot. And trying to change too much at once. Which ultimately leads to long-term failure.  

So, here was one of the questions that we get quite a bit: 

“How many meals should I be eating every day?” 

Some people swear by 5 smaller meals. Some guys will eat just one meal per day.  

The answer depends on two things: 

1) What is your goal? 

The movement for a lot of smaller meals came out of the bodybuilding community. To build the kind of muscle those guys are after requires A LOT of protein. It’s difficult to eat that much protein in one sitting. So, they started to eat more often. 

Eating 2-3 times per day became popular for folks trying to lose weight. Think about how many calories you save if you skip breakfast…and eat your normal lunch and dinner. That could be 1,000 calories each day. 

2) What works for you? 

Simple. How do you prefer to eat? 

If you want to look like Arnold. And can wolf down 10 chicken breasts at lunch without any other meal. Then, go for it. 

If you have the time to prepare 5 smaller meals that keep you full throughout the day. And that works for you…stick to it. 

The frequency doesn’t really matter. The important thing is that your calories, protein, fats, and carbs match your goal.   

Typically, I’m looking to build lean muscle. And keep my body fat% low. So, I will usually eat 2 meals per day and keep the snacking to a minimum – in a perfect world I wouldn’t snack at all because I end up over-indulging, but I’m not gonna beat myself up when it happens. 

And here’s the broken record portion of the email: 

Just do the right things 90% of the time. You can’t lose. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

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