💪 How would you respond?

Happy Saturday morning! Today, the kids have a combined three b-ball games, one soccer game, and one batting practice. The adults? One surprise birthday party for my Aunt Gail tonight. 

It’s gonna be busy, so let’s get to it: 

I got this email last Sunday: 

In the beginning I thought you said you weren’t charging anything. And then every video link I click on is another video of Jeff hawking the benefits of the program. 

FINALLY, I click on Video 4 and THEN I see the price and the blah, blah, blah!! Same bullshit entrapment as everyone else. Same promises as the club that doesn’t hook or slice or the same training that will lengthen my drives by 80 yards. 

I’d pay $50 but not $97.  


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Luckily, we don’t get these very often, but it does happen. 

JT [last name redacted] is referring to our 4-part video series “Get Off The Golf Fitness Roller Coaster”.  

At first, I was pretty pi$$ed for being lumped in with all those shyster companies. And using “entrapment” certainly didn’t sit well with me.   

I realize when you put yourself out there, you have to have thick skin. But, we still take it personally. 

So, I made a quick video for JT. Sent it to him. And am waiting for a response. 

I cc’d Ryan, our co-founder, on it. And he suggested I send it to our Crew to help you understand how we operate around here. 

Full disclosure: I absolutely did not shoot this for public consumption.  

There’s a little nugget in the video that most of our Crew are not taking advantage of, so Ryan talked me into it.  

Despite what JT may think, we are 100% here to help. Sometimes, the level of help golfers need has a price tag.  

My time ain’t free. My family likes to eat. And, although it doesn’t feel like work, I’ll never apologize for earning a living helping our Crew and having a great time doing it. 

Now, off to b-ball game #1. 

Stay Strong, 

Jeff Pelizzaro