💪 Invisible muscles

It’s Monday, and we’re back at this week as the golf season quickly, and thankfully, approaches. 

On Friday night, we were at the local pizza pub celebrating the 8th graders last b-ball practice before they head to high school. After a few too many, a couple of the dads squared of with their boys in an arm-wrestling “display”.  

The dads easily vanquished the young bucks. And not surprisingly, a few of the boys were puzzled. “I’m in way better shape than my Dad.” 

Yes. But you don’t have “old man strength.” 

It’s invisible. And it’s surprising. 

Common wisdom would tell you if two fighters are squaring off in the ring, the bigger, buffer, more ripped is the better of the two. 

But the truth is there’s no way of knowing for sure until they start tangling. 

And it’s not just a bigger will to win. It’s not totally psychological (of course, everything is to a point). 

There’s an unknown factor that helps you get strong. Improve your mobility. And keep pushing past your limitations. 

When you’re stuck, how do you advance? When you’re ready to start, how do you do it? 

That’s where that mysterious internal component comes into play. 

You push your body just a little bit more each time. 

You get out of your comfort zone and start something new. 

You don’t rely on the biggest training farce around…willpower. 

This is what we teach in the Golf Body Blueprint Activate – the program we created to help you 2X your mobility in record time while also boosting your strength. 

If you simply follow along with the step-by-step program, you can take your internal strength and mobility training to the next level. And come to realize who the better fighter truly is. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – My son was smart enough to not challenge me to an arm-wrestling contest. It was a great ego boost for me that my boy knows who the alpha is in our house:) I also wasn’t over-served like a number of the other gents. 

But seriously, that all starts with a more strength. If I were starting over again, I would start with the Golf Body Blueprint Activate.