💪 Motivation is for chumps 

Good morning my fellow golf, fitness and fun nut. Yup, at the end of the day, it’s all about fun. 

Before we talk about one of the most powerful, habit-crushing (in a bad way) things I see almost daily, just a little housekeeping… 

In about an hour, I’m going off the grid for a while, so there’s no Q&A this afternoon. We’ll get back at it again next week with a few topics I know you’re not going to want to miss. 

Today, I’m taking the family about two hours south of St. Louis to a cabin just outside a teeny town called Annapolis (population 250). We’re going to unplug for a few days…kind of. 

You know I wouldn’t leave you hanging. We’ve got too much great stuff to talk about. And I love sharing these daily emails with you. 

While the cabin and the surrounding area has ZERO internet, there’s a mini-mart in town where I can stop in. Grab some coffee. And get my daily email fix. 

I hope the emails I send you are helpful for you. I KNOW they help me become a better trainer b/c the habit of sending them forces me to think deeply about what we’re doing. And how to help our Crew become 18STRONG. 

So, now that I’ve sold you on a vacation to Iron County in Missouri, I ran across an interesting headline a few days ago that applies to all of us golfers who want to be in shape. 

Did you know the #1 ranked women’s tennis player just retired at 25? Ash Barty just won the Australian Open in January for her third Grand Slam title, then called it quits this past Tuesday. 

Sounds crazy, right? Can you imagine if Rory had called it quits as the #1 ranked golfer back when he was 24? I don’t even wanna think about all the highlights we would have missed. 

So, why did she quit? 

In her announcement, she was pretty vague, other than to say she wants to “chase other dreams.” I dug a little deeper. Turns out she was a 15-yr-old hot shot with a huge career ahead of her when she left the tour for two years. 

The reason? 


Only she can answer why she hung ‘em up on Tuesday, but my guess is that the burnout caught up with her again. 

And I totally get it. And I see it all the time with golfers getting back into shape. 

We see before/after pics. And we get super-motivated.  

Here’s what you DO NOT want to do. 

Hit the ground running a 1,000 miles per hour. And rely on motivation to keep you going. 

Motivation is not a strategy. Motivation is fleeting. To be blunt, motivation is for losers. Discipline is for winners. 

When you start slow. And stack small habits on top of small habits. You WILL win. 

It’s pretty simple when you do it the right way. 

And you can do this. I know countless golfers who thought they were hopeless, succeed. 

Start slow. Start with patience. Start changing your life. 

You’ve got this. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 


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Turning your life upside down and working your a$$ off for the next two weeks only to burn yourself out for the next 6 months is a roller coaster ride as old as time. Don’t be a cautionary tale. 

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