💪 My favorite 40 minutes 

It’s Tuesday morning and all the kiddos are officially back in school. And production in the Pelizzaro household has increased 10x. 

But whether you have kids or not, the upcoming fall is a perfect time for a true fresh start (please don’t wait until New Year’s like the rest of the non-doers). 

For me? The transition to the fall began with a new workout plan. 

The very same you’ll find in the 18STRONG Membership

Nothing too fancy. Nothing too complicated. Nothing you can’t stick to for the next 4-8 weeks. 

A steady dose of the five pillars of all golf workouts: 

  1. Push 
  1. Pull 
  1. Rotate 
  1. Hinge 
  1. Squat 

The “secret” ingredients that have been working since the beginning of time.  

Absolute simplicity and perfection. 

Simple works. Old-school works. 

Hey, if you’d rather try to follow an over-complicated program designed for the 1% of golfers who actually need it, that’s cool. 

But that’s a hard pass for me. 

Just give me an easy-to-follow, yet devastatingly effective workout.  

Join me as we jump into the fall with a simple, minimalist training regimen that we can stick to until we switch to the next simple, minimalist training to keep ourselves fresh. 

Best 40-50 minutes you’ll spend every other day. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – Speaking of simple, crazy-effective training programs, the 18STRONG Membership is sitting there waiting for you right now. Let’s get the party started.