💪 Name this Guns ‘N Roses ballad…

It’s Sunday night and I’m getting crushed in fantasy football. And I had such high hopes going into this season. 

I’ve always said fantasy football is 85% luck…except for the years when I win. Then, it’s obviously superior research, skill and instinct.  

So, we had a great, unseasonably warm weekend here in St. Louis. And tomorrow begins our big 18STRONG push to the end of the year. 

With the new year quickly approaching, golfers come out of the woodwork as they start to think about their resolutions and how 2022 is going to be different. 

It’s a pattern we see every year. And a pattern I was stuck in for years. 

Every year, I’d set goals. Fail. 

More Mondays than I can count, I was going to start my new lifestyle. Fail. 

The first day of countless months, I was going to really change. Fail. 

What’s strange is that when it finally clicked for me, none of the stars were aligned. I think it was some random Tuesday. I had finally had enough. 

I hate using the word “secret” because it sounds so friggin’ salesy, but I honestly think that day I finally uncovered the, ahem, secret to getting in shape and staying in shape. 

It’s this:  


Yup, just like that fantastic Guns ‘N Roses ballad from 1989. 

For years, I had fallen into the traps of the 90-day this, and the 8-minute that BS fitness programs. I figured I could stick it out for 90 days, then I’d look like a Men’s Health cover model. 

I fell for more marketing s*** that it’s embarrassing to even think about. What’s worse is that I kept doing it over and over and over again. 

And when my mind shifted…everything changed. 

I didn’t have to suffer and work like a madman to reach my goals overnight. It was my Zen moment. I could just sit back, enjoy the journey. And when I got there, I got there. 

I got there. And I’ve stayed there for years and years without a ton of effort. 

Just last night, I was having my second brownie and was thinking to myself, “I don’t really watch what I eat.” 

Of course, I don’t eat brownies every night, and I eat a healthy diet 80-90% of the time, but after all this time, my decisions have become unconscious. 

And that’s what I want for you. I’ve seen it happen so many times. So, why not you? 

If you think about one thing tonight before you start your week, please think about changing your approach from sprint to marathon. 

It’s gonna take longer, but my man, the spoils for the next 10, 20, 50 years are glorious. 

You’ve got this. 

Your # Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – Please don’t get the wrong impression. It’s not easy. It’s not for most. It’s for those of us who want more out of ourselves. 

If you’re one of those and you need a plan, then check out the step-by-step training programs in the 18STRONG App