💪 Never ask again, “Can I do it?” 

Happy Wednesday from our last day in Europe. So long all the great towns we visited on our trip down the Rhine…you will be missed. 

We’re all pretty tired. And ready to get back home. But it got me thinking about an idea that has been noodling around in my brain for years: 

“Fitness Freedom” 

We all know what freedom is: never having to ask the question, “Can I do it?”  

So, back to “Fitness Freedom.” 

Not one time did I have to ask myself, “Can I walk up and down hills in small towns in the Netherlands and Germany for a week and a half.” I never gave it a second thought. 

Which brings me to my personal definition of Fitness Freedom: 

The ability to pick any activity and NOT have to ask, “Can my body handle it?” 

That’s why I strength train 3-5 per week. And take long walks. I want my body to be prepared to handle pretty much anything without the need to ask the question. 

Whether it’s walking 36 holes in one day. An 8-mile trail run. Playing soccer for an hour and a half on Monday nights. Mountain biking with my son. The list goes on and on. 

Again, that’s my personal definition. For you, Fitness Freedom may literally just being able to roll around on the ground with the kiddos. 

It could be walking 9 holes at a moment’s notice. And others may be climbing the stairs without getting winded. 

It’s a deeply personal definition, but I’d love for you to think about this today: 

What does “Fitness Freedom” mean to you? And what are the freedoms your training provides you? 

I hate to overuse the word, but it is truly freeing to quickly say YES to every activity that sounds exciting. I’ve got the option to judge the activity on it’s fun-ness, not my physical ability. 

HIT REPLY on this email and let the Crew know what Fitness Freedom means to you. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – I’d like to share your answers with the Crew in a future email to help inspire someone else. I typically use the first name and last initial, but please lemme know if you want me to keep you 100% anonymous. 

We’re all in this together.