💪 Quaaludes for Consistency?

It’s a snowy Thursday morning here in St. Louis. Golf ain’t happenin’ for a while, so it’s a great time to get the work done in the gym so we’re ready to rock in a few weeks. 

I’ve been talking lately about staying consistent and exercising regularly.  

When I sat down behind the computer this morning, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to write about. Then I had a moment of clarity. Here’s what happened: 

Until about two minutes ago, I hadn’t realized that, for years, I’ve been “coupling activities” to keep myself consistent. 

So, what in the world does that mean? 

Before I get to that, lemme take a step back. And let us all refocus for a minute… 

Despite what the “no pain, no gain” camp may be screaming from the mountain tops, every workout doesn’t need to be a slog.  

Do something you enjoy. When you enjoy what you’re doing, you’re WAY more likely to consistently do it. You’re not in a Nike commercial. You don’t need to be dripping with sweat to get a great workout (unless that’s your deal). 

Of course, our sweet spot is strength training for golfers. 

But, if that’s not your jam, then go for hikes, do MMA, yoga, parkour, play drums, etc. Find whatever it is that will keep you consistent. 

It may not have a big impact on your game, but staying active, healthy and fit certainly won’t hurt. 

Okay, so back to my simple trick for enjoying and staying consistent in my workouts… 

Whenever I work out, I simultaneously listen to podcasts. Now, here’s the trick: 

I can only listen to my favorite podcast (right now, Joe Rogan) WHILE I’m working out. Meaning that, I don’t get to listen to JRE unless I’m actively working out. 

And I’m not alone. 

Our co-founder Ryan will watch movies and an entire tv series, but can only watch them while he’s working out – he’s watching The League right now.  

It could be music, podcasts, movies, tv, whatever. Including the 18STRONG App, everything you need is on your smart telephone. 

You WILL protect your workout time if it means you get to watch the Quaalude/Lamborghini scene in Wolf of Wall Street

BONUS: In addition to the enjoyment you get watching or listening to your favorite stuff, your brain starts to associate your workouts with your favorite things. They kinda mesh into one great experience you look forward to each day. 

Total win-win. 

Hey, you’re already binge-watching stuff. May as well couple that activity with your exercise. And become addicted to that too. 

Stay Strong, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – Unlike the phone bully, YouTube, you can still watch and listen to whatever you like while you’ve got the 18STRONG App open tracking your workouts.  

I highly encourage you to give coupling activities a shot for the next 7 days, and see how well it works. It’s FREE!  

Here’s how: https://www.go18strong.com/app-test-drive