💪 Randy was right…

Happy Tuesday my fellow golf fitness enthusiast. 

Sorry about the radio silence the past couple of days as my head has been down – focused on our future vision and deciding how to make the 18STRONG Membership a total no-brainer for golfers who get it. 

It’s exciting when you’re starting something new, isn’t it? 

We come armed with all of the information in the world…ready to rock out. 

Which is a perfect segue to what happened last Thursday on our Live Crew&A call (it was awesome)…  

We talked about your KPIs – your Key Performance Indicators. 

How are you measuring your progress/success? 

Of course, there are obvious KPIs – Your weight. Your index. Your driving distance. Your % body fat. 

As the call progressed, we had some great insights. BUT, then something obvious happened. 

One of our Crew on the call, Randy, told us he tracks his putting. He tracks his fairways in regulation. And he tracks his chipping. 

Pretty standard, right? 

And then Ryan asked him, “What do you do with the data?” 

And THAT ended up being the most important takeaway from the call. 

You can collect all the data in the world, but if you do nothing with it…who cares? 

You’ve heard the saying, “Knowledge is Power.” Wrong. 


And that’s the thing about starting a new fitness program. Are you working toward a goal? Or, are you buying the latest shiny object? 

We all need to be doing the latter. And work towards a goal. 

Work. Measure. Pivot. 

So long “I think I know”. 

You’ve got this. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – The 18STRONG Membership is creating new success stories every day. If you’re ready to be the next, then I highly encourage you to Join Here.