💪 Shed the summer lbs  

Welcome to Wednesday my golf fitness chum.  

Let’s just get into it today.  

So yesterday, I was chatting with our co-founder Ryan who has been a little under the weather the week and a half – no big deal, just an annoying little cold.  

He hasn’t been able to sleep very well, which is contributing to him feeling weaker than usual. In fact, his workouts have been a struggle b/c his energy is way down. And now that summer is over, his goal is to lose those beer and BBQ lbs he put on the last three months. 

And he’s super-frustrated b/c all he can really do each day is walk. That’s great, but he’s also experience awesome fat loss lifting weights. 

And losing weight by lifting weights always gets a lot of pushback. To those naysayers, I have two words for you: 

Muscle Rebuilding 

Unlike other forms of exercise like cardio, our muscles are broken down when we lift heavy things. Then, our body needs to spend calories to do the work to fix them. 

Makes sense, right? 

But it gets so much better. 

When we dial in our nutrition and consume fewer calories than we’re burning each day, our bodies do something only a wiley veteran on tour could pull off. 

Let’s assume this is how your week went… 

  1. You lifted weights (body/bands/actual weights) a few times this week. 
  1. Your muscles broke down and needed to be rebuilt. 
  1. You consumed less calories than what your body requires to both rebuild muscle and fuel itself for the daily functions that keep us alive. 

So, with a fuel deficiency, your body is out of gas and just shuts down, right? 


Instead, your body taps into the reserves of energy it has stored as fat. In most cases, there are a lot of reserves around our mid-sections. 

Your body is so savvy that it knows it needs to get the work done, so it opens the pipeline and takes the energy it needs to rebuild the muscles you broke down as well as the fuel for daily functions. 

Simply put, we keep the muscle we have (or build more) and burn through the fat (aka our reserves) we’re trying to get rid of. 

The end result is a toned, athletic-looking, muscular physique.  

Strength Training? Pretty badass indeed. 

Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery for our boy Ryan so he can quickly shed those few unwanted lbs. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

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