💪 SPOILER ALERT: You’re not a pro

It’s Tuesday. And the fall has officially hit St. Louis. 

It was a chilly walk this morning, but the cold air was refreshing. And my batteries are recharged. Game on! 

Speaking of “game on”, I was talking to a buddy who recently got a less-than-stellar report from his doctor about his blood pressure and weight. So now he’s all-in on exercising and changing his life. 

He just went out and bought a Peloton for a cool $1,645. And is essentially starving himself – in fact, he had to leave the concert we were at on Saturday night b/c he completely ran out of energy.   

He is suffering from what I’ve come to refer to as Excessive Enthusiasm

You know the deal, don’t you? 

We come across something we think is awesome, quickly check it out, then jump in with both feet.  

How many  exercise machines are collecting dust right now in garages all over the world? 

And I see the same phenomenon with golfers. They want to play better, so they search for golf-specific training programs on the Google machine and YouTube. And they’re all-in.  

Now, it’s great that we get excited and are enthusiastic to exercise and workout. BUT, we should not be training like Olympic lifters, professional golfers, or professional athletes in any sport.  

Those are elite athletes that have very specific needs. Oh yeah, that’s also their job. 

And hey, if it works for Dustin Johnson, why not you, right?  


If you want short and long-term success – I do NOT recommend you start with an advanced program designed for a professional athlete in any sport. 

Why not? 

Because it adds in unnecessary layers of complexity and creates more obstacles for you to get started (and more importantly, sustain). 

Those athletes are dialed in machines. They’re working on fine-tuning their last 1-5%. That doesn’t apply to us. It would be like trying to put a roof on your new house before the walls are built. 

It’s a waste of time, energy, and you’ll kick yourself for buying into the hype…again. 

So, that’s one way. 


You can just do simple workouts that train the “other” 95%. Do what works. Do it consistently. Do it forever. 

Why spend weeks or months on a complex training program? You don’t even know what your body is capable of yet. Get the quick wins. 

You can always graduate to the more advanced workouts to get super dialed in AFTER you’ve done the bulk work (that’s how the pros did it too). 

Most have it backwards. 

We’re hypnotized by bright and shiny “cool” programs when all it does is lead to overwhelm. 

I stick to the programs in the 18STRONG Membership to keep it simple and strengthen the “golf areas” of my body… 

…the areas that result in better mobility, rotation, speed, and all the other golf stuff we need. 

Stop making things harder on yourself. Stop adding unnecessary layers of complexity. Stop trying to act like a Tour player. 

And instead, simply stick to the 95% that is going to get you fit and help you play your best golf. When the LIV Tour comes calling then you can work on the “finish work”. 

SIMPLE always wins. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS –  If the idea of simple, stuff-that-always-works sounds good to you – the 18STRONG Membership is where golfers are finding it.