💪 Start-end your day with THIS

TGIF! I have an internal struggle whether I like Fridays or Saturdays better. If THAT is my only struggle, I’m doing pretty well. 

I’ve got a weird tip today to help you make every day a great day … and set your mindset up for success. (This week has turned into a week of tips.) 

This is kind of an extension of the Forge40 challenge a group of us have been doing since January 1st. I’ve been noodling around with this addition because it helps bookend our days with an accomplishment. 

And this ONE small thing will help us stay on track with our goals.  

I want you to pick one. Or come up with one on your own: (I’m going to tell you why it works below.) 

Start AND End each day with 10 reps of your favorite exercise. (Could be squats, push-ups … you name it!) 

Start AND end each day by writing down what you’re grateful for. 

Start Each Day by writing down your intention for the day … AND End that day by reflecting on how it went. 

For example, write down your intention to work out in the morning…and end the day thinking about how great you felt after your workout. 

It’s not the specific WHAT you choose that matters. It’s the WHY. 

Starting and ending your day with an intentional good-for-you action sends a strong message to your mind that you are serious about your goals.   

Taking a small, positive action in the beginning (and end) of each day will help set you up for SUCCESS because: 

1) It doesn’t take much time 


Try this for ONE MONTH and see what a difference it makes for you. 

Motivation doesn’t just happen. In fact, it’s fleeting. 

But, it’s something that gets stronger the more you use it (just like your muscles). And it takes regular upkeep. 

When you have quick wins…and you begin to see (and feel!) your work paying off, it can help drive you forward to even MORE success. 

I’m paraphrasing, but Tiger always said, “Success breeds success.” 

You’ve got this, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – Doing this daily exercise for the next 30 days WILL strengthen your motivation muscle. 

Now, what should you do to strengthen your actual muscles for the next 30 days? I highly encourage you to do two things:  

  1. Join the 18STRONG Membership App 
  1. Pick a program that aligns with your goals and Do It! 

If after honestly doing it for 30 days, you don’t feel like it helped, then I’ll give you your money back (hasn’t happened yet). 

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