💪 Stop “nerding out” about food

We’re going to dive right into today, but first, how awesome was the PNC event over the weekend? I think it’s safe to say Tiger is going to play in the Masters in April. 

So, for the past few years, I’ve noticed a troubling trend in the fitness world when it comes to nutrition… 

Over-complicating your food choices. 

Sometimes, I eat a banana because it sounds good to me. Not because it’s rich in potassium and vitamin C. 

Chill out. When we try to rationalize everything we put in our bodies, we’re going down the slippery slope of Paralysis by Analysis. 

Sure, educate yourself, but unless you have some medical condition, there is no reason to obsess over your diet. 

In this article, Dr. John Berardi, a nutrition expert, dives deep into the three ways we are actually hurting ourselves by over-thinking our food choices. 

Here’s a sneak peek: 

  1. Your “research” might stink – We all do it. We decide we’re going to eat food XYZ, go to I-am-right.com, then rationalize the choice with our biased brains. 
  1. Food is more than just fuel – Food is social. It’s enjoyable. It’s part of our culture. 
  1. It’s breeds virtue-signaling – If I decide to eat super clean, the other super clean eaters hop on board and ask the rest of the world why they would put that other poison in their bodies. Are they idiots? Kinda sounds a little like what we’re all going through right now, yeah? 

It’s a great article that also gives you practical tips you can use to make the best food choices for your goals – without over-analyzing every morsel you put in your mouth. 

You can click here to check it out: Superstition, sciencestition, and how to stop overthinking food. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

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