💪 Strength Wins The 8-Mile Trail Run.

It’s Monday morning of the kids’ last week of school before Christmas break, so my distraction level will be through the roof over the next few weeks. Time to get s*** done now. 

So, Saturday morning was our 8-mile trail run race, and it was a great day. It was awesome to feel like a kid again stomping around in the woods without a care in the world.  

After the race, a group of us stood around the finish line to cheer our buddies on the home stretch.  

My buddy Tony and I were standing in the circle with a couple fellas I didn’t know, when he introduced me to a guy named Walker who came in 3rd overall in the race. There were 600-ish runners, so he is legit. 

I told Walker my time (1:17:10) and about my training (or lack of) leading up to the race. Without missing a beat, he told me, “Your time is exactly the reason runners are stupid for not implementing strength training in their running. 

Oh yeah, my buddy Tony is a big-time runner who I beat again, and even trained less for it this year.  

Guess who called me yesterday to see if I could help him with a training program? 

Heck, Ryan, our Co-Founder, ran a total of 10 miles over the last three months to prepare for the race and still put up a respectable time – although I beat him pretty handily:) 

That’s why you see me in my civilian clothes when he came across the finish: 

So, how does strength training help in a trail running race? 

Simply put, strength training provides leg and core strength that helps absorb the impact (especially on the downhill sections), makes you tougher at propelling yourself in your stride (especially uphill). 

I would venture to say I’m a much better trail runner than road runner for those reasons.   

Of course, we talk about being strong a lot at 18STRONG, but it really is the ranch dressing of fitness… 

…it makes everything better. 

Or, if you’re Homer Simpson…”Donuts, what can’t they do?” 

In golf, strength unlocks our mobility, power, speed, injury-prevention, endurance, etc. 

All those things we need to play our best golf. 

If you’re looking for a step-by-step, strength training plan to help you unlock your potential, then check out the 18STRONG App

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

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It’s gonna be awesome.