💪 The Best Time To Work Out

It never ceases to amaze me that our kids’ school gets called off based on snow in the forecast. We must be getting older, because I sure don’t remember that. 

So, whilst I gaze upon the light dusting of snow that is kinda covering the ground, let’s talk about one of the best ways to stay consistent with our workouts. 

And it starts before you’ve ever pick up a weight. 

You Need To Build A Workout Plan 

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” -Ben Franklin 

To help us get started, we’re going to lean on a 3 of the most popular interrogative (I absolutely googled that) words we learned in grade school… 

What? When? Where? 

  1. What type of workout are you doing? 
  1. When do you plan on executing your workout? 
  1. Where is it gonna happen? 

Three very important questions. But today, we’re going to focus on the “when”. 

Determining when you’re going to do your workout should take about 60 seconds. 

Are you a morning, afternoon, evening or late-night worker-outer? 

Do me a favor. Don’t go out to the google machine to see which time of day is the most efficient for workouts. 

Conventional wisdom is that when you work out in the morning, then your body’s metabolism will be running higher all day. That may be true, but who cares? 

For each golfer I know who swears the morning workout is superior, I’ll find you one that swears by working out at 10p. 

You pick a time when you know you can be consistent. Case closed. 

That’s step 1. 

Step 2? Put it on your calendar! 

It’s the most important meeting of your day! Your health and fitness is THAT important. 

That’s why we have a calendar built-in to the 18STRONG App. And why you get reminders that ding your phone. 

It makes a difference. I kid you not. 

So, now that you’ve decided the time of the day you want to train…which days are workout days? 

Again, this is your preference. Nobody else is doing the work for you. So choose days that work best for YOU. 

I’m a 5-times per week guy. And I’m already at the gym M-F, so that’s what works for me. 

I have clients who love the Saturday and/or Sunday morning workout. 

There’s no wrong answer. But be honest with yourself. 

You’ve got this. 

Stay Strong, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – I’m always optimistic, but it’s wise to have a back-up plan.  

What if a pipe bursts at the gym? Or, I don’t know…the government decides being healthy and in-shape isn’t viable protection against a pandemic. And gyms are forced to close. 

That doesn’t mean you stop working until common sense is restored (that’ll never happen). It just means you’ll have to work out at home or in the park. And transition to bodyweight training.  

Luckily, in the 18STRONG App, you can easily switch workouts on your calendar as needed.  

You can give it a shot for free for the next 7 days if you’d like: