💪 The key to a longer life 

It’s Friday and time to get serious about your life. 

Yesterday afternoon, we did our weekly Crew&A call with a few of our rockstars….and the subject quickly turned to injury-prevention, then living a healthy, long life. 

Somewhere along the way, cardio exercise became the “in” thing to do to stay healthy. But the truth is that staying STRONG and vital doesn’t happen when you walk, run, bike, swim, etc… 

The key is IN YOUR MUSCLES. 

In a 2021 review of 16 studies from around the world, researchers found that even as little as 30-60 minutes a week of strength training increased life expectancy 10-17%. 

It’s also worth noting that a life support machines can also increase life expectancy. BUT, in addition to the longer life, your quality of life is drastically increased – a factor too subjective to put a number on. 

In addition to looking like an Adonis, here are a few more pros you can expect if you continue to strength train: 

A healthier brain 

Reduce your risk of weight loss 

Keep your blood pressure in check 

Slash your risk of heart disease 

Keep diabetes away 

Positioned better to fight caner 

Be happier 

Strong. Healthy. Happy. 

If that’s a future you can get on board with, it’s time to start making your muscles a top priority. 

And we’re here to help. The 18STRONG Membership is a great place to start. 

Okay, that’s it for now. My 14-yr-old son and I have one more night without the rest of the family, so we’re going to go have some father-son bonding time (can’t wait until he’s old enough to enjoy some cold suds with me). 

You’ve got this, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – Two weeks ago, I played at my buddy TJ’s member-guest in Kansas City. He is the one who inspired a lot of what we do at 18STONG when he blurted out what has become a mantra around here: 

“Just tell me what to do.” 

And that is what we tried our best to do with the 18STRONG Membership. Just follow along and do the work. That’s it.