💪 The Secret Hack To Hack Hacks

Hard to believe we’re just one week away from Black Friday and power tackling the weaker customers in the herd at Wal-Mart so we can save $50 on a flat screen we don’t need.   

I’m really thinking about incorporating the choke slam a little more this year:) 

Good lord, we’ve all lost our minds. 

For the record, if you ever catch me shopping those sales, you have permission to slap me into coherence. 

I’ve heard those magical Black Friday deals referred to as “shopping hacks.” 

Yeah, we’re really showing those big box stores who’s boss (Wal-Mart had revenue of 141 billion JUST in Q4 of last year, and JUST in the U.S.). 

Everyone is looking for a hack these days. 

I guess that’s the trendy way to say shortcut. 

And the fitness industry may be the best place for marketers to introduce the latest and greatest hacks. 

Each month, there’s a new weight loss hack. 

Muscle-building hack. 

Abs-shredding hack. 

You name it, somebody has found a hack to do it easier. 

And here’s the big secret… 

It’s all BS. 

There are no hacks, quick-fixes or shortcuts to your fitness. 

It’s not sexy, but your fitness takes patience, time and commitment. 

All of that other nonsense is just re-packaged garbage designed to put your money in somebody else’s pocket. 

And we all know this. 

But we buy into the hype. 

I’m embarrassed by some of the programs I’ve bought.   

We know it. Yet, we still do it. 

Well, that stops today. 

It’s hard, but I want you to put your new-shiny-object-syndrome brain on pause. 

Ignore the Youtube ads, FB ads and commercials promising quick results that you know down deep are too good to be true. 

Instead of searching for something that doesn’t exist, focus on the simple things that will slowly, but surely give you life-long results – the results we need. 

Things like moving every day. Strength training. Eating well at least 80% of the time.  

And my friend, the other side is beautiful. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – If you’re having a hard time tuning out all that nonsense, here’s a little exercise I like to use: 

Pretend you are watching a 3-man playoff at The Masters, and your wife tells you to turn it off because it’s time to go to your in-laws for Sunday dinner. No golfer on the planet couldn’t tune that out:) 

And if you are ready to put in the work. And grind. And finally see long-term success, then I highly recommend you check out the Membership App

Sorry, no quick fixes, and no hacks. Just tried and true principles to efficiently change your fitness. 

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