💪 The X factor  

Happy Wednesday, my fellow golf fitness enthusiast. And doer of things most others won’t. 

This weekend is UFC 282. I haven’t followed much the past few years, but I do enjoy watching. 

And each time I watch, I fall into the same trap… 

I see two fighters squaring off. One of whom is clearly in better shape than the other. Sometimes, they’re even pudgy. I assume the shredded dude is going to rip him a new one. 

So, how in the world does the doughy guy often win the bout? 

What I’ve uncovered throughout the years is there’s something going on. Something you can’t measure. But something you can tap into.  

And it’s not just a bigger will to win.  

I see the same thing in the gym. 

There’s an unknown factor that helps you get strong. Improve your mobility. And keep pushing past your limitations. 

When you’re stuck, how do you advance? When you’re ready to start, how do you do it? 

That’s where that mysterious internal component comes into play. 

You push your body just a little bit more each time. 

You get out of your comfort zone and start something new. 

You don’t rely on the biggest training farce around…willpower. 

I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s there.  

And that’s what you need to uncover today. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

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