💪 Tiger ditched bench-presses

What a weekend!  

7 kids’ soccer games. 2 b-ball games. 1 championship medal. And oh yeah, a great Masters (as long as you’re not Cameron Smith on #12). 

Those are the weekends us crazy parents dream of (no kidding, I absolutely love watching kids sports). The Masters was just the delicious icing on the carb-free cake:) 

Before I jump into the week with both feet…Tiger taught us all yet another valuable lesson in being awesome…and this has nothing to do with Augusta. 

So, after his crash, he was obviously banged-up. At one point, I heard he was in danger of losing his leg. But, who knows what is really true anymore? 

What is definitely true, is that he was pretty jacked up.   

And for a guy like Tiger who is obsessed with keeping his body in tio-top condition…what did he do when he was recovering from such a catastrophic injury? 

The answer is very unsexy. And very anti-climactic… 

He did what he could. 

Pre-crash, Tiger was a huge weightlifting guy. 

Post-crash, he switched to body weight. 

His battered legs made pumping iron too painful. Like so many of us have done, he didn’t use that as an excuse to work out. 

Instead, like Ross on “Friends”, he made a pivot

The reason I bring it up is because I see so many guys quit because the training is too “painful”. 

For guys who don’t like lifting weights, each set and rep is mentally painful. For guys who like to flop on the couch and unwind, it’s painful to miss that time. For guys who haven’t worked out in a long time, the soreness the first few days or weeks after starting a program is physically painful. 

Unless you have a legitimate injury, pain is just another card in our Rolodex of excuses. Believe me, I’ve got hundreds of them. 

Want to succeed? Write this down. 

  1. Stop doing s*** you hate doing. 
  1. Find something you like doing. 
  1. Keep doing it. 

There you go. That’s the big secret. 

If you hate lifting weights…use bodyweight. If you hate jogging…go for a walk. If you hate bench presses…do push-ups. 

For every problem, there is a simple solution. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to answer some trash-talking texts I got for coming in 17 out of 30 in our Masters pool. 

You’ve got this, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – The purpose of multiple training programs in the 18STRONG App is so you can find a program that works for you. You’ll never stick to a program that’s too painful.