💪 Weightlifting isn’t a choice 

It’s Monday and I’m recovered from a great weekend with the family. Love me some of the great outdoors. 

Now, my sleeves are rolled up at the gym, and I’m ready to dig in. Because this week, we’re talking about muscle growth. Aka getting strong. 

First off, we need to understand that our muscles respond to the demands we put on them. When we lift heavy things, our muscles respond by getting stronger.  

On the flip side, if we behave like Homer Simpson and work on our ass groove in the sofa in front of the boob tube, our muscles respond by shriveling up. Leaving you with spaghetti arms, weak, and the all-too-common, “skinny-fat.” 

Intense training like lifting heavy weights damages muscle…in a very good way. We create microscopic damage that our bodies repair and reinforce to prevent future injury. It’s kinda like adding to your protective coating each time you work out. It keeps getting thicker and stronger every time. 

For golfers especially, resistance training is absolutely necessary. A golf swing is very violent, so there are all kinds of ways to get injured. We need to keep adding to our protective coating. 

My tools of choice are our golfers’ five essential movements: push, pull, rotate, hinge and squat. You won’t find any of those missing in the training programs in the 18STRONG Membership App. 

What’s great is that you can keep it simple. And not worry about all those BS exercises that try to mimic the golf swing (please, don’t do that). Those gimmicky moves will actually hurt your swing because they disrupt your nervous system, but more about that later. 

For now, let’s just get you strong. Simple. Simple. Simple. 

Why not you? Why not now? 

You’ve got this, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – Whether you’re new to the 18STRONG App or have been in it for the last year and a half…if you’re having trouble deciding which resistance training program is right for you, then just respond to this email. 

I don’t big league our Crew, so I answer my own emails:) 

Join the club today. And let’s start getting you bigger, faster and stronger.