💪 What does he have that you don’t?  

Another successful Memorial Day Weekend here in the USA is in the books. And I’m refreshed and fired-up to get back to work after a few days of radio silence. 

Let’s jump right in… 

So, on our Live coaching call last Thursday, the theme was “What separates the guys who succeed from the guys that don’t?” 

Over the weekend, we were able to see the difference firsthand, and in a very dramatic way…Our co-founder Ryan was in Sarasota, FL with his 12-yr-old son Murphy for soccer nationals – having had the chance to watch these boys, I can tell you they are a very special group. 

Last year, they were ranked #1 in the USA going into this tournament, but lost in the semi-finals to the eventual champs.  

This year was going to be different. For five days this past week, these boys battled the heat, injuries, questionable calls, and extremely talented opponents. And they made it to the final match on the main field in front of the biggest crowd they’ve ever played in front of. 

After a 1-1 tie following regulation and OT, the match went into a best of 5 penalty shootout.   

Murphy was the fifth shooter and needed to convert his PK, or they lose – no pressure for a 12-yr-old, right? He buries his. The other team misses wide. So, now we’re in a penalty shootout OT. We make our first. Our keeper saves the next…National Champions!   

Every kid on that field was a gifted soccer player. So, why was our squad able to dig just a little bit deeper, make three plays in a row, while the other team folded? 

It was so clear that it was just what we talked about on last week’s call… 

That team never stopped believing in their guiding principles. From the first day of practice way back in August until this past Sunday.  

Unity – they always have each other’s backs 

Humility – they know they’re part of something bigger than one player 

Passion – they love the game 

Respect – they play with respect for their opponents, the game, their coaches, and parents 

Tradition – they appreciate the opportunity they’ve been given to play on a successful club 

And all five were on display, especially after the game-winning save (the video is great). 

And that is what separates the guys who succeed with their fitness, and those who don’t. They don’t have guiding principles to keep them moving forward when things get tough…and I promise things will get tough. 

Can you step up and make your PK? Or do you continue to struggle? 

Today, I want you to think about what will guide you. Tomorrow, we’re going to dive even deeper. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – We’re all physically capable of doing the work. The problem is always between our ears. 

Pick the program in line with your goals in the 18STRONG App. And start it today. 

Next, we’ll help you build the principles specific to you that are going to keep you on track. Today, is your day.