💪 Why Tom needed Jerry  

Welcome to the Thursday following a major. No offense to the Travelers Championship. I’m sure it’s a wonderful event, but there’s always a bit of a letdown after the enjoyment the U.S. Open just gave us. 

But, we must press on as we watch the greatest golfers on the planet show us how it’s done. 

In a few hours, we’re doing our Live CREW & A Call now that our co-founder and I are back in town at the same time – summer has been a whirlwind of awesome travel so far. 

The topic of today’s call is how it’s not enough to just be strong or mobile – you need both. Just like peanut butter needs jelly. Hall needs Oates. And Tom needed Jerry. 

Here’s a great example: 

So, this was before I exclusively started working with golfers, but I had a guy come see me because he had a problem with chronic calf strains. He plays super high-level racquetball. And was crazy frustrated by how much time he was missing on the court. 

He had been regularly seeing another physical therapist. Went to countless doctors. And was diligent about his rehab.  

Still, nothing seemed to keep him off the injured list. 

During our first session, he showed me the core exercises and stretches that had been prescribed for him. Immediately, as I took him through some basic tests, I noticed something strange. His legs and core were really, really weak.  

No big surprise for a guy who keeps straining his calf, right? 

After a few sessions of going through our five staple exercises (push, pull, rotate, squat, hinge), it clicked with him just how weak he was.  

“I guess I’ve been focusing on too many racquetball-type exercises and need to do more of this stuff.” 

And it’s a tale as old as time…I see soooo many golfers doing “golf-ish” exercises that mimic the golf swing. And I throw up in my mouth a little bit every time. 

If we don’t combine strength, mobility, and sport-focused movement, we have absolutely no shot. 

Start there.  

Get strong. And get mobile. 

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a few notes to take for this afternoon’s call. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – If you’re struggling with injuries, you may be training the wrong way. 

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