💪 Will your muscles save you? 

Not only is it Round 1 of The Masters, but today is also the St. Louis Cardinals opening day Downtown at Busch Stadium – not sure which ticket is harder to get:) 

All I know is that today is gonna be a great one. 

This morning, I’m preparing for our Live Q&A call this afternoon. Hopefully, with our special guest. But we’ve still got a lot of great questions if our guru can’t make it. 

One of the topics we’ve been talking about all week is pain. 

I don’t mean the kinda pain you get from an errant tee shot in the junk like Judge Smails. I’m talking about the everyday pain we get from wear and tear on our bodies after decades of playing sports – not just golf. And really, just being a human being moving around our world. 

Our physical well-being in life is a bit like an NFL season. Guys show up at camp 100% healthy. And feeling great. Then, after a few two-a-days, they start to get bumps, bruises, and other injuries. By the end of the season, not ONE guy 100% healthy. 

BUT, the majority of players continue to play their sport at a very high level. 

Despite the number of injuries you see on your fantasy football report. It is dumbfounding to me that MORE guys don’t get hurt. It’s such a physical, violent sport. You would think nobody could possibly play every game during a season. 

Why is that? 

What the NFL players are really, really great at it is preparing their bodies to avoid or minimize injuries.   

It’s totally out of necessity…the average career in the NFL is 3.3 years. Most of those guys will make around $1.2 million before taxes for their career, then they have to go find a real job. So, an extra game, week, month or year has a huge impact on their lives. 

And if you’ve seen pics of these dudes in the locker room after games, it’s pretty obvious what these guys are doing to prepare themselves… 


Muscles protect your joints. And it doesn’t matter the sport, it’s the joint injuries that end careers. You rarely hear about a player’s career-ending broken arm.  

Think about all the muscles that surround your knee. And keep it warm and safe. Strengthening those muscles makes them that much more effective at their job. 

Let’s say you pull your quad (thigh muscle). You should be thanking your quad for taking one for the team. Instead of tearing an ACL, your quad absorbed the extra load. And kept you off the operating table. 

There will come a day when one of your joints is going to be under an overload of stress.  

The question is, will your muscles be there to protect you?   

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – The entire purpose of the 18STRONG App is to give you instant access to step-by-step strength training programs.  

Let’s do this.