💪 Wolf of Fitness Wall Street 

It’s MGF (Mandatory Golf Friday). And there is no better way to start a weekend. 6:26a tee time, nine holes walked, at the gym by 9am, and tons of fun had. 

Now, let’s get down to serious business. 

So, among all of the doom and gloom about the upcoming, predicted recession, I read a great quote yesterday that really helps put life into perspective: 

The best investment that you could ever make is into your own body. 

Pinch pennies elsewhere. Spend lavishly on your own health and fitness. 

Now, that’s coming from a guy who earns his living by collecting that investment from you, but believe me, if you don’t invest in yourself now, you will pay 100X down the road. 


Of course, we want you to join our 18STRONG Membership b/c we think (okay, we “know”) we’ve got the greatest group of like-minded golfers who want to be in shape, AND still have fun. 

But if our Crew isn’t for you, all I ask is that you find somebody who does resonate with you. A program you can stick to. Or a physical routine you enjoy. In fact, if you need help finding someone, reply to this email with what you’re looking for, and we’ll happily point you to one of the many great trainers in our world. 

Pretend I’m your financial advisor. And let’s take emotion out of it and make the logical decision to invest in your fitness: 

  1. Healthcare costs will decrease – Overweight adults spend more than 40% MORE on the price of healthcare than those in shape. 
  1. Increased income – According to an international study, exercising at least three times per week leads to a 6% higher salary for men, and 10% increase for women. 
  1. Thinking outside the box – According to an American Psychological Association study, simply walking increased 80% of participants’ creativity when they sat down to work afterwards. New ideas=new opportunities for financial gain. 

So, if you’re one of those analytical brains, you have ZERO excuse to not invest in your fitness. It’s like getting into a time machine and investing in Microsoft in 1986. 

Alright, enough of the world of high finance. I’ve got to pump some iron to prep myself for the plethora of 4th of July brewskies I’m going to pour down my gullet this weekend. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – If you’re ready to harness your inner Wolf of Wall Street, and are ready to invest in your fitness future…then, you should join us in the 18STRONG Membership today. 

You’ve got this!