💪 Work boots at Foot Locker? 

Happy Wednesday, my a$$-kicking golf and fitness rebel. Yeah, I say “rebel” b/c 95% of people are content with their lives and fitness. And you actively work to get better at both. We’re breathing rarified air. 

Alright, enough patting ourselves on the back. Today, I’m making a bold prediction. Well, it’s not that bold because I’ve seen this trend playing out for years. 

The DEATH of “commercial fitness programs”.  

You know, the generic programs like P90X, Insanity, 8-minute Abs, etc. It still baffles me that my wife and I did P90X together (at least until it jacked up my shoulder). 

She doesn’t play golf. She doesn’t like to lift weights like I do. She has completely different goals. 

So, why in the hell were we working out the exact same way? 

And THAT is where those super-popular programs that sell millions every month are going wrong. 

They’re making the fatal mistake of “one-size-fits-all”. 

Athletes (and make no mistake, you are an athlete) are getting smarter with their training. Our time is precious. So, instead of working out just for the sake of working out, we’re training with a goal. 

For us, that goal is to play our best golf. Look our best. Feel our best. And ultimately live our best life. 

For others, the goal may be to run a marathon. Jump higher. Lower their 40. Lose weight. The list is endless. 

The point is that the cookie cutter training programs are no longer of interest to those who actually want to make long-term gains. 

Think about it like the department stores when we grew up…  

You used to be able to go to Famous Barr (that was the popular one in St. Louis) to get, among other things, sneakers, school shoes, flip-flops, snow boots, etc. 

Of course, the department store still carries a small inventory of all of those things, so it’s certainly useful. But now, you go to the specialized shoe stores: 

Foot Locker for basketball shoes. 

Fleet Feet for running shoes. 

Red Wing for work boots. 

Johnston & Murphy for dress shoes. 

Can you succeed with your goals with a fitness program driven by a boatload of generic hype? Maybe, but it’s more of the exception than the rule. 

BTW, this is great news. This just means that guys and gals like me just have to be better in tune with our audience (badass golfers). 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

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