💪This email is going to tick some people off

It’s a sunny Wednesday morning, I’ve got some extra outdoor chores for the Christmas-vacationing kids, and I just finished something we’ve been talking about creating for years. 

I wasn’t sure if potty language would have landed in your spam folder, so I had to clean it up. 

But, what I’m about to give you is absolutely going to piss some people off.  

Let’s get started with a few truth bombs. 

According to a Research and Market study, the weight loss market is estimated to reach $377.3 billion by 2026. Up from a mere $256 billion in 2021. 

Also in 2026, over 50% of Americans are projected to be obese. I’m not talking about overweight. I’m talking about obese. 

So, lemme ask you a simple question… 

How in the world can we spend an extra $100 billion in four years on weight loss and still continue to get fatter? 

It makes no logical sense. 

The reason is simple. We’re buying s*** that doesn’t work! 

We’re behaving like the government. We think we can throw a bunch of money at a problem and expect it to magically go away. And how often does that work? 

Diets don’t work because we are being set up to fail. And it’s a near-perfect business model. 

You buy a diet book, training, coach, etc. and lose weight quickly.  

Next, the diet is impossible to stick to, so you eventually quit and blame yourself (not the garbage diet plan) for a lack of willpower and discipline. 

Then, the cycle repeats over and over. 

A diet was never meant to be a restrictive plan for weight loss. 

A diet is what you are habitually eating and drinking.  

That’s it. 

Now, the most important word above is HABITUALLY. 

That is why we created the 18STRONG Diet Stack

It’s a FREE PDF to guide you through our long-term nutritional strategy to lose fat, build muscle, and… 

…build lifelong HABITS that keep you in control. 

No more 30, 90, or 120-day fad diets. Instead, you’ve been given the proven lifestyle roadmap for fixing your relationship with food that you can follow forever. 

You can download it here with no strings attached. 

You’ve got this. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – I know I sound like a broken record, but exercise is the gasoline on the fat loss fire that turns you into a fat burning furnace. 

If you haven’t joined the 18STRONG App yet, then I highly encourage you do. I think you’re going to like the programs – especially the Fat Loss Blueprint. 

Here’s the link for your copying and pasting pleasure: https://www.go18strong.com/app-test-drive