😞 We suck at building habits

It’s Tuesday, day #15 of my New Year’s Forge, so I’ve got habit-building on the brain. 

More specifically, why do we suck so bad at it? 

We know what we need to do, so why can’t we get ourselves to do it? 

Not sure if it helps, but we’re not alone. 

You know how to get in shape – move more and eat less. 

You know how to exercise – lift weights or bodyweight, and get stronger. 

You know how to eat healthy – more veggies, less processed BS. 

And yet, we struggle to get ourselves to stick with any of these very basic things for longer than a few weeks. 


Building new habits is tough. 

We don’t put the right systems in place, and we rely waaay too much on willpower and motivation. 

We also tend to make drastic changes – too much, too fast. Then we get overwhelmed. 

You ever do this? 

I’m going to stop eating carbs. 


I’m going to start running 5 miles every day. 


I’m going to lift 5 times a week. 

Adding extreme changes on top of extreme changes is a surefire recipe to succeed at exactly NONE of them. 

And that is where everybody gives up. 

  • They try to change too much too soon 
  • They get impatient the results don’t come quickly enough 
  • They slip up when life gets in the way 
  • They start the cycle over again 

This week, I’m going to share with you how we’ve had success building habits that stick. 

And the first step is… 

What is your WHY? 

You need a damn good reason to build any habit, otherwise it will never stick. 

Think about that today, and we’ll start digging deeper tomorrow. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

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You’ve got this. 

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