6 Ways Your Trainer Is Making You Fatter And Stupider

Have you noticed that ever since the introduction of cell/smart phones, we have become a lot stupider when it comes to simple things like remembering phone numbers, directions, and even rudimentary math skills?

The same thing has been happening in the fitness industry, and I think it’s time to call out a lot of the trainers and trainees out there (because we’ve all been guilty of these at one time or another).

Being in the fitness industry for a while now, I have come to realize many trainers are doing their clients a HUGE disservice, which I like to call “cell phone syndrome.” Much like we don’t remember phones numbers and directions because our phones do everything for us, a large majority of people working with trainers are clueless when it comes to working out on their own.

Sure, they show up and go through the routine that their trainer gives them, but if you would ask them after a session to tell you what exercises they did (much less how many sets and reps), most of them couldn’t tell you. Of course I blame the individual for simply not giving 2 craps about really getting something out of their workout, but I feel a lot of blame is left on the trainer’s shoulders in this scenario, too.

Therefore, as a dedication to you, the trainee that doesn’t realize this is happening and to all the trainers letting this happens, here is my list of . . .


1. Your trainer gives you a false sense of fitness security.

By seeing a trainer, you automatically feel as though you are doing more for your fitness level than the average Joe. No matter how simple your workout is, or if you only show up 1 time a week, you can always console yourself in the fact that you “have a trainer” and therefore must be in good shape, or are “really working your butt off.”

In most cases like this, the fact of the matter is that you only workout when you are with your trainer, and don’t do anything else, which realistically means you are exercising less than the average “fit” individual.

2. Your trainer constantly has to correct your form because you’re not paying attention.

“But isn’t that what they’re there for? To make sure I am doing my exercises properly?”

Well, yes, but since you don’t EVER pay attention to what they are telling you, you make the same mistakes every time you come in the gym, and they have to make the same corrections. Which, believe me, over time gets very old for both you and the trainer, so he or she will start to let you slip just so they don’t have to be rude and correct you ALL of the time.

3. You talk to your trainer DURING your exercises.

Trainers are usually very friendly people. They have to be since they work face to face with clients all day long. I get it, in many ways we are like a very cheap version of a shrink. But when you talk during your exercises, you lose complete focus.

Each exercise should be performed with intention of great form, perfect tempo, and concentration on the muscle and movement involved. These things don’t happen when you are talking. The less concentration, the less effective the exercise, and ultimately, the less likely you are to get stronger, leaner, faster, or whatever your goal is.

4. You think it’s your trainer’s  job to add weight to the exercise, so you never push yourself.

Usually a trainer can tell when you are struggling with a weight or when it’s too easy and you need more. But there are times when they just can’t tell, especially in the situations above, when you aren’t paying attention and aren’t doing the exercises correctly.

A good trainer will not add weight unless you perform the exercise perfectly, so while you are talking and just going through the motions without much difficulty, they can’t push you because they are afraid you will hurt yourself.

5. You can just blame your trainer when you don’t reach your goals.

You missed your weight loss goal. Must be your trainer’s fault.

You just can’t get the toned arms you want and you’ve been working at it for years. Must be your trainer’s fault.

You don’t seem to be getting any stronger. Must be your trainer’s fault.

If you have a trainer that lets you use these excuses, then yes, it is partially your trainer’s fault. But not because they aren’t doing the right things, it’s more likely that they aren’t holding you accountable for the actions that will get you to these goals.

6. You have no idea what to do when your trainer isn’t around.

Due to the fact that you are used to simply following them around and doing whatever they tell you to do, you don’t actually know how to exercise!! You have absolutely no clue as to what exercises you should be doing. Much less how many reps or sets.

As a result, without them, you are worthless in the gym and most likely end up on the stationary bike reading a magazine while executing a pedaling speed that would barely keep you vertical on a real bike.


If any of these resemble your relationship with your trainer, I would like to throw up a big red flag. This is not a relationship that produces results. In fact, ask yourself, “what have I achieved since I started working with this person?” And, “is it really their fault that I am where I am or is it mine?”

Next time you go to the gym, go in with the mentality that you are going to get some real work done. Discuss with your trainer what your goals are and how you and he/she are going to keep you accountable. What are you going to do outside of your training sessions?

Action step: Pick one goal that you want to achieve through your fitness program. Make it realistic and measurable, then share it with your trainer or a friend. Set a date to have it completed by and get after it. I guarantee your workouts will be much more gratifying and memorable.

I would love to hear what your goal is. If you’re willing to share it, put it in the comments below and we’ll support you along the way. Good luck and don’t give up.

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