Almost-A-Navy-SEAL “Zone of Success”

This morning at exactly 7:32a, we marked the official beginning of MGF (Mandatory Golf Friday) season. 

37 degrees at tee time was a little chilly, but it felt great.  

So this morning, I met one of my cousin’s buddy’s (Greg) who was very honorably discharged from the Navy after 3 attempts at becoming a SEAL – all cut short by legitimate injuries. 

He broke his leg, back, shoulder, and a few other bones he told me about after I quit counting. 

Needless to say, for a 32-yr-old, he has a much “older” body. 

The talk on the walk between the #8 green and #9 tee box turned to him wanting to get back into shape. 

(On the course, I don’t bring up fitness unless somebody asks me so I don’t seem preachy or judgy.) 

So, before he hit, I asked him the same two questions I’m going to ask you right now: 

#1 “What do you do best?” 

#2 “What do you love doing the most?” 

There’s a (very) good chance those two areas overlap. 

That’s your zone of success: Where you’re at your best, and get a deep level of fulfillment. 

Many golfers try to do everything – stepping way outside their zone. 

But when you stick to what you do best – magic happens. 

This way, you’re not just working hard…. 

You’re working smart, playing to your strengths, and enjoying yourself. 

Turns out Greg loves doing triathlons. 

He was a swimmer in high school (big surprise for a prospective SEAL:), so his jam is steady-state cardio. 

Strength training isn’t his thing. 

So, inasmuch as I’d love for everyone to adopt a strength training program because I know it transforms lives…I also know it’s something he won’t stick to. 

He’s going to have success staying in his lane doing what he loves. 

Today, or this weekend, really think about what you love to do. 

Not what you think you should do. 

If strength training is your jam, then I highly encourage you join us in the 18STRONG Membership

If something else is your jam, that’s also awesome. 

At least you know what it is. 

We may not pump iron together, but I’ll happily freeze with you on the #1 tee box and enjoy a cold one with you at the clubhouse afterward. 

Let’s do this!