And so it begins . . .

I’ve been working on some ideas for a new blog for a while now.   When I opened my new training facility over a year ago, I pretty much let my previous blog ( fall off the face of the earth.

I’ll use the excuse of starting a new business and being a busy dad of 3 kids, but we all know that everybody has excuses and none of them are any good.

I really enjoyed the writing and got some great feedback about how it helped a lot of people in their golf and fitness journey.  I just let the other things take priority over writing, and well, here we are.  But I’m ready to get back at it.


Rather than just start writing on that blog again, I wanted to create something new with a little more breadth, but at the same time a little more focus.  In other words, I didn’t want to create a blog that was just about me and my philosophies on golf and fitness.

For the past several years, I’ve been working hard to learn as much as I can about how the body works in a golf swing and the things that a player can do off the course to optimize his/her performance.  And as a guy that has come to love playing the game, too, I selfishly wanted to learn more so I didn’t embarrass myself when I went out to play with clients.

It was during this hunt for more information that I realized how difficult it was to find trusted resources on golf fitness and game improvement in one or two consolidated places.  Yes there is some great information being put out by some of the golf pros, fitness pros, and mental coaches, but in order to find it, you really had to know who to look for and how to find them.  Unless you are in this profession, that can be a pretty tough task.

Thus, I wanted to create something that contains not just my opinions and experiences, but some of the experiences and personalities of the other guys and girls in the trenches.  These being other golf fitness professionals, tour players, mental coaches and anyone else that I feel you’ll enjoy learning from and that can add value to your journey to become a better, more fit golfer.  And thus, was created.


The 1st post on a brand new site is always an intimidating one to write.  I asked myself “How can I be clever and engaging and make the few people that stumble upon this return for more in the future?”

Well, I’m not that clever and I’m not that great of a writer, so I thought it would just be best to give you an idea of my intentions for the site and what you can expect.  Hopefully the content to come will speak for itself.

First, I warn you that this is just the start of an unknown journey and who knows where it’s going to take us.  The site is a definitely work in progress, but I wanted to get something out sooner than later so this ride could begin.

Hopefully you will join us along the way and we can create some great content that will help you with your golf game, get in you great shape, and keep you entertained.


Only the future will really tell, but there are a few certainties. is about golf and fitness and how the two are intertwined with each other.  I am a physical therapist and “golf fitness” professional.  Golf and fitness are 2 topics that I am passionate about, that I enjoy personally, and that I love to learn more about.  I figure if you enjoy them too, why not share.

I also have a psychology degree, which I only mention because I think that speaks to my strange fascination with the mental game. I’m intrigued with how different individuals incorporate mental toughness into a sport and how personal development can play into the world of athletics, especially golf.  So I am sure some of that kind of content will creep in here quite often.

The platform is simple.  Initially it will be weekly articles on questions that I have received or recent lessons I have learned related to training, fitness and golf performance.  The plan is to mix in lots of interviews on my upcoming podcast (The 18STRONG Podcast) with others in the golf world and create some videos to help dive even further into these topics.


While it’s me that puts the content on this site, it’s not about me it is about you.   The mission here is to make YOU better.  To give YOU actionable advice for your own golf fitness programs and to expose YOU to the things the best in the world are doing to improve their game in the gym, in the kitchen, in their head, and on the course.

Am I the world’s authority on all of that?  No.  But I’m learning more everyday.  And I want to take you on that journey as well.  I am fully aware that there are smarter and more decorated fitness professionals, nutritionists, medical professionals, golfers, etc. out there that can give you as good or better advice than me.

The problem is, you probably don’t have time to scour the internet and find it all.  You probably have a job, a family, and a few other things on your plate, right?  That’s where 18STRONG comes in.  We’re gonna bring it to you.


Again, we are on the ground floor here, so exact details would only be a projection. But, with that being said, some of the things we will address on the blog are:

  • How do I hit a ball farther?
  • How can I maximize the little time I have to improve my fitness level and golf game at the same time
  • What should I do to train properly, to get stronger and more powerful
  • What are the best fitness professionals doing with their players and what do they personally do in their fitness routines
  • What do the pros really eat? When? Why?
  • interviews with players, fitness pros, etc.
  • videos with exercises and drills
  • what are some of the mental strategies that the best players use?

As I mentioned, this site is a way for me to share the learning experiences that I have in this industry.  As I communicate with the amazing players, coaches, clubs, and organizations leading the way in the world of golf and fitness, I will pass everything I get on to you.

The more I learn, the more you’ll learn.  The more contributors we get for this site, the larger the base of knowledge to pick from.

Lastly, I want to thank you for taking the time to read this and encourage you to post any questions that you might want me to address in the future.

The only way I can guarantee that I am giving you the info that you want is by answering your questions, so please fire away in the comment section below!

Until next time!

Jeff Pelizzaro,

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