Do you deserve to be healthy?

It’s Wednesday morning, and I’m on a mission. 

A mission to squash one of the biggest mental problems that our Crew has. 

The problem is not a mental health issue, but more of a prioritization issue. 

This week, my wife has been down and out with a sinus infection, so I’m playing single Dad. And along with it, I’ve added her To Do list to mine. 

Not surprisingly, I’m finding myself with a lot less time as I’m making lunches, carting kids around, am solely responsible for keeping the house clean, making dinners, putting up the Christmas tree, and all the other things my wife does behind-the-scenes that I don’t always realize (or fully appreciate). 

Yesterday, my son’s soccer team called a last-minute practice at the exact time I wanted to work out. 

Of course, I took him to soccer and my workout got pushed off my list and never happened. 

Sound familiar? 

I talked about it a little yesterday in my email, but it became abundantly clear: 

There is stigma in our on-the-go society that taking time for yourself makes you weak. And is very often looked at as being selfish or unproductive. 

So, it’s easy to understand why we push ourselves to the bottom of our to-do list. 

What I should have done was get him a ride to his practice. But, my male ego told me that I don’t need help. I can take care of this. 

Sometimes, we are so stupid. 

And putting too much on our shoulders (a lot unnecessarily) is not giving us a fighting chance to give our best to each aspect of our lives. 

It’s kinda like we’re okay at a lot of things instead of being really good at a few things…the things that really matter. 

So, how do we fix it? 

I believe that everything starts with being active. And never compromising on that part of your schedule. 

Oh yeah, the part of story I left out was that during my son’s practice, I walked the dog around a 3.7 mile loop at the park. But, I’m just an over-achiever:) 

Honestly, it’s that activity that keeps me feeling great and gives me a built-in sense of accomplishment every day. 

Obviously, working out and moving take care of me physically and all the benefits of that, but there’s more… 

It helps me manage stress… 

Gives me alone time to think about spiritual things… 

Gives me time to think about ideas here at 18STRONG. 

It’s really a daily therapy to slow down, take a step back, and reflect on things happening in our lives. 

Now, all I can tell you is what works for me. But, I will go to the grave preaching that a happy life starts with daily physical activity and never giving away that time. 

Yes, you deserve it. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

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In the app, you load the program you want onto your calendar, and every day, you know exactly what to do. 

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