Perform Your DAILY MOTION Routine

If you could only do ONE thing to get your body into shape to play your best golf, this is it.  The DAILY MOTION should take you no more than 10 minutes.  Many of our 18STRONG golfers perform the routine while their morning coffee is brewing.  

Log-in To The App On Your Mobile Device

  • This is the home screen as soon as you log in.
  • TAP on DAILY MOTION (Normally, you will also see your workout for that day).


  • These are the exercises you will perform each day in addition to other workout plan.  They will change as the performance research changes and the routine evolves.
  • TAP on the first exercise to get started.

The Demonstration Video

  • TAP the demonstration video if you are unsure exactly how to perform the exercise and need help with your form.
  • Each video begins with a silent demonstration of proper form.
  • For a more thorough explanation, keep watching past the initial demonstration.
  • You should only need to reference the videos a handful of times before you’ve got the hang of it.
  • Simply TAP Close to return to the exercise screen.

Moving Through The Routine

  • Each exercise is loaded with a preset number of reps.  If you would like to increase your reps, we recommend not exceeding 5.
  • There is no need to rest between reps, but the timer is available should you want to add rest time.
  • If, for example, your neck is a problem area, you can also add additional sets.  We recommend not exceeding 3 sets of any particular exercise.  
  • TAP Next to move to the next exercise.

Log It

  • Once you have completed all the exercises in the routine, you will be taken to the Log screen with all green checkmarks. 
  • TAP Log. 

Workout Summary

  • CONGRATULATIONS!  You completed your DAILY MOTION.
  • Like all workouts in the app, you will be shown stats of the work you just did.
  • The stats from the DAILY MOTION are less important because it is strictly designed to “oil” the golf mobility areas.
  • You may find that it seems “Too Easy” to be effective…but it is crazy effective!