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What does it take to get more speed in your swing? Do you need more power, more strength, more flexibility? What exercises should you be doing more of?  How long does it take to gain more speed consistently?  Join us as Mike Napoleon and Kyle Shay from Catalyst Golf Performance and the founders of Super Speed Golf share their expertise in the world of Overspeed Training and helping guys hit the ball farther.

Mike is a golf instructor and Kyle is a golf fitness specialist.  Their company Catalyst Golf Performance in Chicago has several locations and is a collection of premiere golf specific training facilities.  While they are known for helping golfers in al aspects of the game from club-fitting, instruction, fitness, etc., these guys have more recently become known as the guys helping golfers all over the world get faster and longer.

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Mike Napoleon’s Background

  • Director of Golf Instruction at Catalyst Golf Performance
  • Michael has dedicated his career to finding a way for every golfer to improve and find more enjoyment with the game of golf.
  • extensive background in motor learning and development
  • Michael has transformed and applied his passions for human learning, motor development, biomechanics, coaching, and golf to create a unique and innovative method of coaching golfers of all ages and ability levels to new levels of golf performance excellence.

Kyle Shay’s Background

  • Director of Health and Fitness at Catalyst Golf Performance
  • Kyle was a top junior player in Illinois, playing in numerous Ill. Junior Golf Association and AJGA events each year.
  • Kyle specializes in corrective exercise, golf specific sports conditioning, spinal injuries, digestive disorders, hormonal balancing, and metabolic typing.

Highlights from this Episode

  • Mike and Kyle give their backgrounds and what Catalyst Golf Performance is all about
  • We discuss the importance of great communication between a golfer’s team members (instructor, fitness coach, etc)
  • We talk about SPEED.  Why is it so important and how can we get more?
  • OverSpeed Training: What is it, who should be doing it, and how does it work?
  • Mike and Kyle share stories of their golfers from a touring professional to a 72 year old weekend golfer and the incredible results they have gotten from doing overspeed training, specifically with the Super Speed Golf System.
  • We discuss exact protocols from the beginner to the experienced professional for proper use of overspeed training.

CaddyShack or Happy Gilmore?

Mike: Happy Gilmore

Kyle: Caddyshack

Who would you like to spend a day on the course with?

Mike: Jack Nicklaus

Kyle: Gary Player

What are you excited about in your near future?

Mike: The opportunities to spread the word about Super Speed Training, doing speaking events, educating the golfers

Kyle: Some exciting trips coming up for teaching.  Always excited for the new clients coming through the door at Catalyst Golf

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