How to drive like a being from another planet

Well, we all made it home from Nashville. And it was a doozy.

I thought I’d be tired on a Sunday night, but I’m fired up to share something with you that came to me on the flight home.

This picture:
Now, if that doesn’t look like an alien, I don’t know what does. And that alien is built to drive a ball a country mile.

Of course, that is our fascial system…

If you’ve been on the Hyper-Elastic Distance training page, you’ve seen that image, but in the sports performance world, uncovering that we can train our fascial system to get quicker is HUGE.

The BIG equipment breakthroughs get all the press (that’s where the big $$$$ is):

Multi-piece golf ballsMetal woodsCavity back ironsRange findersCarbon graphite shaftBUT, what doesn’t make the sexy headlines is the ONLY piece of equipment we use on every single shot…

Our bodies.

It’s the single most powerful force you can tap into.

Not just physically, but mentally.

It’s a force that only a small handful of us “mortal” golfers are naturals at, and just “do”…while even the golfers out there aware of it are either too scared to take the plunge, or think it’s too much work to do so, and therefore never reap the outrageous benefits.

Okay, you get the point.

We go into great detail about this here: Hyper-Elastic Distance.

Applying it can have you driving like something from another planet.

And for those this is meant for, I suspect it could be their all-time favorite program.

We shall see.

Alright, I’m going to hang with the fam for a bit before I hit the hay.

Your #1 Fan,
Jeff Pelizzaro

PS – Although the training is brand new, this is the 15th iteration we went through before we were ready to release Hyper-Elastic Distance (100% true story).

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