Keep piling on

Welcome to the beginning of another week for us to dominate…whether it’s our fitness, golf, or careers, Mondays are always are a great day to start something new.

A new habit, perhaps?

If you’ve been following 18STRONG for any time, you know that we love habit stacking – because, big surprise, it’s so simple. If you’re unfamiliar, habit stacking is “stacking” a new behavior onto an existing one so the chances of it sticking are exponentially better.

For example, if you decide you want to drink more water in the morning, don’t just decide and assume it’s going to happen. Instead, drink a glass of water immediately following brushing your teeth – a habit that you’ve had for decades.

Habit stacking can be particularly beneficial for us golfers…

…Golf is a game of precision and incremental improvements. Habit stacking aligns with this mindset by allowing us to make small, incremental changes to your routine that can add up to big improvements over time.

In the context of fitness, this might mean starting with a small habit, such as doing 10 minutes of movement immediately after you wake up in the morning.

Once this habit is firmly established, you could add another small habit onto it, like a 15-minute walk after breakfast.

Over time, those small additions to your routine can result in a substantial increase in your overall fitness level.

This same concept applies to golf.

Improving at golf isn’t usually about making one big change, but about making many small changes and adjustments over time. For example, holding your finish (this was huge for me), adjusting your stance, or modifying your swing slightly.

Each small improvement contributes to an overall improvement in your game.

Keeping with our “simple” ideology, the incremental improvement approach is that it feels manageable.

Just as it’s less intimidating to make a small tweak to your golf swing than to overhaul your entire game, it’s less daunting to add a 10-minute walk to your routine than to commit to an hour of pumping iron five days per week.

AND, each small success you achieve – whether it’s sticking to your new walking habit or noticing an improvement in your golf swing – motivates you to keep going.

This can create a positive feedback loop that keeps you motivated and helps you maintain your new habits in the long term.


Here’s to keeping it simple.

Your #1 Fan,
Jeff Pelizzaro

PS – If you’re a golfer, and I’m really sure you are:), I would highly recommend you start with the Daily Motion routine in the 18STRONG Membership.

It’s a simple 5-7 minute movement routine that you can do easily every day. And will tremendously help your mobility.

I do mine while I’m brewing my morning coffee. My cousin Ryan does his immediately after lunch. It’s up to you, but stack it on top of something you’re already doing, and you’ll be cooking with gasoline.

Here you go: