Keep pushin’ on

Happy Monday my fellow golf and fitness nut! 

I love major weeks, especially when John Daly and his Santa Claus beard are in the field. 

Speaking of not being shape… 

Did you know? 

60% of Americans do NOT strength train. 

Here’s why: 

  • They think they’ll get hurt 
  • They don’t think they have enough time 
  • They think they’re too weak to get started 

All total BS, by the way. 

Here’s the skinny: Strength training doesn’t need to be that complicated.  

For us golfers, we focus on our BIG 5 -> Push, Pull, Squat, Rotate and Hinge. 

Start by doing just one exercise in each category and you’ll be cooking with gasoline. 

Today, let’s start PGA Championship week with the Push category. 

Here’s why we love to Push: 

Enhanced Swing Power and Distance: Push exercises like bench presses or push-ups help develop strength in the chest, shoulders, and triceps. These muscles are vital for generating power during a golf swing.  

Improved Stability and Balance: Many push exercises require core engagement, which helps golfers maintain balance during their swing. A stable swing significantly improves accuracy and control. 

Injury Prevention: Regular push exercises strengthen not only the primary muscles used in a golf swing but also the supporting muscles and tissues around the joints. This increased overall strength and resilience can help prevent common golf injuries, such as rotator cuff issues or elbow tendonitis, ensuring we play the game we love for as long as possible. 

I know they may not be sexy, but push-ups remain one of the best overall exercises ever invented, so I would start there.  

From there, we progress to heavier weight and a variety of pushing exercises. 

Now, let’s get to it. 


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See you on the inside.