The “witchcraft” of distance and confidence…

Why can’t ghosts have babies?

Because they have “hollow wienies!”

Yup, my favorite Dad, Halloween joke ever. And I’ve been saying it since before I was a dad.

Okay, so today is the last day for the launch bonus on the Hyper-Elastic Distance program.

Of course, HED is all about adding 20+ yards in the next 14 days.

So, what is this bonus of which I speak?

To celebrate the launch, we included the Golfer’s Warm-Up Blueprint for free (normally $67).

That is our program designed for golfers who want to be ready to rock from the first tee…

…whether you have 5 minutes on the range, or 2-minutes at home.

And I can tell you based on our Nashville trip over the weekend, the majority of our Crew was not loose until hole #4 or #5.

Only the golf gods know how many extra strokes were left out there because we weren’t always ready, warm, and confident. BUT, it was too many.

Think about two weeks from now…

There’s a nice, day. You can’t wait to try out your newfound distance, so you hit the links.

You step up to #1, full of confidence about how far you’re going to crush your opening drive.

AND, you’re already feeling loose, limber and free because you warmed-up like the pros.

Now, we’re cooking with gasoline!

Please, shoot me an email and tell me about it. I love hearing those stories maybe as much as I like hearing little kids tell off-color Halloween jokes…maybe:)

Alright, I’ve got a busy day in the gym before I head home to do some trick or treating with our youngest…who now has to wear his winter coat over his costume – what a let down.

Your #1 Fan,
Jeff Pelizzaro

PS – Instead of me staying up until midnight to change the website for Hyper-Elastic Distance and the Golfer’s Warm-Up Blueprint, let’s just do it first thing in the morning.

But, I still cannot be responsible if you wait.

You’ve warned about ghosts, goblins, ghouls, and now the black magic of disappearing bonuses.