Time to say ‘adios’

This year, let’s make a resolution together, okay?

No more starting and stopping.

No more crash diets.

No more “miracle” cures.

No more shiny-object syndrome.

This upcoming year, 2024, we go lean ‘n’ mean.

We get hyper-focused.

We get better at keeping it SIMPLE.

And we build habits that last forever.

Let’s begin by removing the distractions and saying goodbye to the pitchy exercise gurus.

Unsubscribe from any no-value emails.

Unfollow them on social.

You might be so addicted to their persuasion tactics, you can’t leave them because you think you’re missing something.

Spoiler alert: You ain’t missing anything.

Weed out the good from the bad with one simple question, “Does it sound too good to be true?”

That answer should guide your decision to stay or leave.

Once you’ve removed 90% of your distractions, we’re gonna bring it home…

Embrace the power of SIMPLE.

Simple movements.

Simple nutrition.

Simple actions.

Simple changes.

Simple stack of habits.

Ahh…the sweet spot.

While everyone else jumps from program to program, diet to diet – you’ll be the one smiling because you’re effortlessly making simple changes that quickly add up over time.

If you want to try and get an 8-pack by the end of February, only to have gained back even more weight by the of March, then go for it.

But if you value long-term freedom over your health and fitness, then join us for the 30-Day Resolution Revolution.

You can absolutely do this by remaining focused, clear-headed, and embracing simple over complex.

Alright, time to get my pump on because – ya know – I’m keeping it simple.


PS – We’ve created the Resolution Revolution as a hybrid of our high-ticket, 1-on-1 coaching program from years ago AND our online forum, but without the $1k+ price tag.

Jump in and let’s build your life-changing stack of habits.

If you’re finally ready to quit the soul-crushing, light-speed programs that never last, then you’re gonna dig this group.

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